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    The World Drug Safety Congress Americas, 17-20 April 2012, Boston, USA

    Are you fully prepared to overcome the key drug safety challenges? The 4th annual World Drug Safety Congress Americas is fast approaching and once again promises to be an unmissable event for the industry... More...
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    Juggernaut Index, 17-20: Modest plunder for Ragnar, Vikes

    </p> As most of you already know, the Juggernaut Index is our annual preseason ranking of NFL teams for fantasy purposes. Repeat: For FANTASY purposes. We're not interested in real-life winning percentages here. This is simply about yards, points, and draft positions. Please use responsibly...
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    where is a campsite i could go to that accepts groups of young people (17-20) for

    the weekend of my birthday? everywhere i have looked have said you need to be a family or a couple or even 21! and i need to go camping for my birthday weekend for 2 nights, maybe to Brean or Ex mouth or whatever, can someone help me please
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    Hewwo :) How do I set up bluetooth on a Dell Inspiron 1720?

    I've had this laptop for almost a year and never looked into enabling the bluetooth. Thanks in advance :)
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    How do you boot windows using the Dell Media Direct button on a dell inspiron 1720?

    My power button doesnt work, and I know you can do it thru DMD ive done it before, i just dont remember how. And what would happen if I uninstall media direct? Would it just boot up windows?
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    Why my dell inspiron 1720 laptop always freezing up?

    everyday, including today, i was surfing the web or chatting through AIM then it freeze up, my Firefox or Google Chrome stop responding then everything freeze but sometimes IM message still work as all program freezing then i type CRTRL+ALT+DEL to start my task manger then the screen went black...
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    Dell Inspration 1720 has Bluetooth?

    Hi. I have just brought today a Dell Inpsaration 1720 Laptop. I have seen an icon on the side which i think is the official Bluetooth sign. It is liten up blue with the other icons on the key pad of the laptop, but on the far right had side. Could anyone tell me if this lapto DOSE have...