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    How much is a Trek 2100 composite road bike worth?

    How much would you pay for a trek 2100 composite road bike, specifically this one: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/bik/2698911701.html Is it worth $500?
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    Today I Did A Six Hour Hike up 2100 vertical feet now hours later i can not

    get rid of the cold shivers ideas? Climbed A Very Difficult Trail In Squamish BC, Now Its Been more than 3 hours and i can not get rid if the cold shivers/ Any Ideas?
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    i3 2100 vs AMD x4 955?

    I'm Interested in getting either of these 2 processors: i3 2100 @ 3.1 GHz (sandy bridge) Phenom II 955 @ 3.2 Ghz They sell for around the same price so which would be better? (I'll be using it mainly for gaming but also for general use) Please include any other suggestions but my budget tied to...
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    what will be the food style by the year 2100?

    prediction of food & drinks style and type
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    pioneer deh 2100??????

    i have a pioneer deh 2100 radio and i want to know what the rca plug ins are for, are they for an amp, or aux inputs?please help, the manual did not say anything about the rca's in it.
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    Do you think MLB baseball will exist in the year 2100?

    How will the game be different? Maybe the yankees will be opeining a new stadium? The red sox will still be in old fenway...
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    Will there really be a Transatlantic Tunnel in the year 2100?

    I thought I would answer this with it been New Years Eve and a new Decade. I watched something on television saying that in 2100 there would be a Trans-Atlantic Tunnel. It would be high speed trains doing 5000mph and it would only take 2 hours to get from London to New York or New York to...
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    A trader sells a bag of beans for shs 2100 and of maize for 1200. He mixed...

    ...beans ad maize in ratio 3:2. how? much should the trader sell a bag of the mixture to realise the same profit?
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    Im looking into a pioneer deh 2100 for my iphone 3gs. Can anyone who owns...

    ...this radio give me some feedback.? Im looking into a pioneer deh 2100 for my iphone 3gs. Can anyone who owns this radio give me some feedback.? I need to know if when i control it thru the iphone not the head unit can i play music and also recieve calls? I heard that when its connected thru...
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    What kind of speakers are good with an 2100 power amp?

    Ok, I have a party were more than 100 people are coming, and i wana continue, making parties... I have Denons-DNS 1200.. i want nice, loud, everything working according to its capacity. should i get JBL or whats similar or better? Powered speakers? I also wana know, since my power amp is 2100...
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    can an 2100 power amp, operate a 600 watts and another of 450 watts with a 750

    peak watts speakrs? The problem is that I thinks its not loud enought. And the light are always all the way up-red on the amplifyer when am Djaying... What kind of speakers would you recomend? power(which kind), or regular(which kind)?