1. S

    Which cellphone to buy if im having budget of 30k inr ...not more than that?

    i need good camera and features
  2. J

    what is a good cheap boats for the rivers of pittsburgh. I have about 30K

    and want a boat.? i want to do water sports and have a good amount of people on board. Also what are good companies.
  3. G

    I just paid $16,300 before taxes for a certified 06 Acura TSX with 30k miles and

    no accidents... Good deal? It is under warranty until November of 2010 or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Plus, the certification gives me an additional 12,000 miles or 1 year on top of the warranty. Also, my power train is covered until 100,000 miles or November 2013. The car is gray...
  4. G

    NZ bike returns +30K images, NZ kayak returns +30k images, NZ bike OR kayak...

    ...returns 479, WHY? This is image search using Yahoo's own example. Why doesn't the OR function work? Surely I should get more than 30K images
  5. P

    5 best lexus under 30k used?

    I'm looking to buy a used car and I just wanted to hear other peoples opinion on what they think is the top 5 lexus' that i could find for under 30k used. preferably in the lower 20's or upper teens. just to let you know i like speed. whoevers cars i like the most will get 10 points. thanks!
  6. L

    I am a recent college graduate w/about 30k debt forced to live @ home w/ a

    very NEGATIVE family- how to deal? I'm 24, boyfriend lives 30 miles away-we dont live together cuz he had a traumatizing experience living with his ex- so i go straight to his place after work fri. & leave sun. afternoon to come home...every chance my family gets i have to hear "you're always...