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    how i can make virus for nokia 3110?

    i just want to know about mobile technology. please help me.
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    I have Nokia 3110 Classic Please tell me how to Reset Its Internel Memory?

    I hv got a nokia 3110c. But its Camera is working.. And it gets restarted again and again..I want to format its internal Memory.. I know that there is a specific code for each phone.. when i Open Gallary,Application,Goto It will Stuck And Restart!! Can anyone tell me the code for 3110c??
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    remove password from nokia 3110 memory card?

    I have my nokia 3110, I forget the password of memory card, I want to remove that password
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    memory chip size - nokia 3110 classic?

    i bought a memory sd chip 1 GB for my nokia 3110 classic phone. however, even after i formatted it and inserted it, the size of the memory shows as 958 MB. Is ths right? I know a certain amount of space is lessened... but is it so less? thks
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    I had nokia 3110 classic phone i want to activate call barring for out...

    ...going and incoming, i don't ...? i don't know default password i move on to nokia care center they said this service is not available in India ( wtf ) my service provider said ( and i know) it's available in India and it's in my cell phone. i tested 0000 ,1111 , 1234 default but didn't...
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    my nokia 3110 cable lead? DKE-2?

    i bought a cable lead from my phone to pc It was working until yesterday I might of un-installed something yeaterday that is needed! i also lost the cd! Do you know anywhere i can download the cd or software? thanks i have nokia pc suite
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    User comments and reviews on Nokia 2680 and 3110 Classic?

    Hi everyone :) I want to get a Nokia 2680 or 3110 classic. Please give me your reviews and comments. What are the pros and cons regading features/ Battery lifetime/Durability/ wear and tear etc. of these two? Which is the best? Thks a lot
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    User reviews on Nokia 3110 Classic?

    Hi everyone :) I want to get a Nokia 3110 Classic. Please give me your reviews and comments. Does it have FM radio? What are the pros and cons? Features/ Battery lifetime/Durability/ wear and tear etc........... Thks a lot
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    My nokia 3110 is broke?

    I have a nokia 3110 classic and since i bought it it has been restrating rarely. Yesterday it restarted and it won't work anymore It turns on for 2 seconds, restarts 3 times and then turns off completely and whenever i turn it on it does the same again I see other phone users also have this...
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    i have Nokia 3110 classic. where can i get an application for it??

    it's hard for me to search any application for my phone. usually it's not compatible for my phone. what website which provide application for my phone (of course for FREE) ?