1. C

    How Fast Will A Stock Honda 400ex ATV Go? and What Are Inexpensive Ways To

    Increase Speed? Just think about buying one and was looking for some information on how fast they go and how to make them go faster. I'm just curious in case I want to pimp it out someday. Thanks In Advance That's a brand new 2008 stock 400ex
  2. E

    my honda 400ex smokes?

    i need new rings but i don't know what the rings are called or where to get them
  3. E

    my honda 400ex smokes?

    i need new rings but i don't know what the rings are called or where to get them
  4. E

    my honda 400ex smokes?

    i need new rings but i don't know what the rings are called or where to get them
  5. A

    IS any1 selling a honda 400ex?

    I live in NY state and i am looking for a 400ex...it has to have no mechanical problems or problems with the frame...im looking to spend about 2000 dollars...preferably has nerbars...maybe a slip on or full....thanks
  6. A

    Stiff clutch on a 2000 Honda 400EX?

    I recently bought a KTM 520EXC and I want to keep my 400EX for my wife to ride. However, the clutch on my 400ex is too stiff for my wife. My brother has a 2001 400ex, and his is much lighter. She was able to ride his just fine. Would a new clutch cable help, or do I have to get new parts within...
  7. M

    What should i buy a raptor 660 or a 400ex?

    2001 raptor 660 is 1100 and runs but needs some tlc the 2002 400ex needs cleaning and is for 1500 which one should i get? im a speed freak and love fast trail riding i also like stunt riding
  8. theabilitytocharm

    Having Trouble Deciding What To Step Up To From My Honda 400ex... 250r or 450?

    I cant decided what i want to do, on one hand i love the sweet sound obf a two stroke so i figured a honda 250r, or step to a honda or Kawasaki 450 which of course is a 4 stroke... my 400ex was pretty much built to the max and getting a 450 would almost be stepping down but i wouldnt leave it...
  9. J

    Honda 400ex tires!!!?

    lol I got snow tires on my civic they handle like its summer time i have yokohama Blizzard so depends on how much u want to waste on tires got to tirerack.com and look around
  10. E

    Question about my honda 400ex?

    Hi i have a honda 400ex thats giving me a ton of problems i need to replace the bearing carrier and the bearings and i have come to a dead end. I have got everything of the axle but the wheel hub. Does anyone have any idea how to get it off?
  11. E

    Question about my honda 400ex?

    Hi, i was wondering what type of oil i should run through my honda 400ex i am running Penzoil 10w30 right now but i dont think thats right. So i guess what i am trying to ask is what is the best brand of oil and what type. I heard that mobil 1 15w50 is pretty good i just want to see what the...
  12. E

    Oil change question honda 400ex?

    Hi, I have to change my oil here pretty soon and i was wondering how many quarts of oil it takes to fill it up. I also bought an oil filter from a honda dealer and it cost me 8-10 dollars and then i went to Wal-Mart and it cost me 5 is there a difference in oil filters or is wal-mart just the...
  13. E

    clutch question about my honda 400ex?

    Hi, i recently burned out my clutch and i was wondering how long an off brand clutch would last because i am pretty tight on money right now and i now that oem clutch would be the best just give me some ideas . Thanks Ethan
  14. C

    I Have A Honda 2004 400ex 4-wheeler. The Atv Will Not Start Unless You...

    ...pull The Clutch In.? The Green Neutral Light Will Not Come On When The Bike Is In Neutral And It Will Not Start Unless You Pull In The Clutch. I Have Replaced Balb Thinking A Circut Was Broke/problem Not Fixed.
  15. C

    02 honda 400ex top speed?

    02 honda 400ex brand new itp hole shot tires k and n air filter fly racing handle bars fmf power core 4 pipe dg bumper i was just wondering how fast it will go? thanks colton