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    What cars/truck/suvs have a chevrolet 572 engine?

    I have a 1965 chevy pickup and need to find a car/truck/suv that has a chevrolet big block 572 so I can rebuild the engine and put it in the truck. Thanks for answers!
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    I've only used 22.096GB in hard drive and it says I've used 57.2 GBs?

    I have a 86.3GB Hard Drive and when i go to my computer and click on it, to the left sidebar it says Free Space:29.1GB Total Size: 86.3 later on i checked on the folders inside my hard drive and i added the memory all up and i've only used 22.096 GBs I did a system recovery because i have...
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    1970 chevelle 572 vs 1967 mustang shelby gt 500 400 truck engine?

    ok my friend thinks his 1967 shelby gt 500 ford mustang 400 truck engine can beat my 1970 chevy chevelle 572 engine and they both got 6 speeds i say chevelle wins but they might fall apart win giong 200mgh but who cares i just need a answer