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    2004 ford focus zx3 with a 6-disc audiophile 9006 disc-changer displays the word...

    ..."phone" and stopped playing? cd's or the radio. i can load and eject discs and cycle through them, but cannot play any music! interestingly enough, when i take the key out of the ignition and press the "on" button i can play radio and cd's with no problem. i wasn't playing with any buttons...
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    2001 VW Beetle 6-disc changer "no magazine" error?

    Bought a 2001 VW New Beetle last week with a Monsoon system 6-disc cd changer mounted in trunk. After one day of having the car, when trying to play a CD, it reads "no magazine", even though there is a magazine full of CDs properly inserted in the changer. What can I do? Any ideas?
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    need 6disc magazine for disc chabger n vw beetle?

    im n cleveland ohio. I bought an 02 from a used car place and the magazine is missing so,i cant pkay cd's where can I get another
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    How much will it cost to repair a Mazda 3 in-dash 6-disc CD changer?

    I broke it last night trying to put a CD in. It won't load, eject, or play CDs and I believe the changing mechanism itself is broken or stuck in place. I assume the entire head unit will have to be replaced, because Mazda likes to screw people over like that. Approx. how much would this repair...
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    Have'08 Explorer w/Sync & 6-disc audiophile sys&Sirius Sat. Bought '09 Nav...

    ...radio. Need info abt reprogram etc? I know I need external amplifier, and wiring changes (not too awful). Will aftermkt amp work? Can '08 sync (APIM) be programmed to talk with '09 Nav unit? What is antenna config? I think satelite rcvr is built into Nav/radio. Any help appreciated.