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    Blackberry Storm 9500 calls keep cutting out after a few seconds, help!?

    I was given a BLackberry Storm 9500 by my nana, it had belonged to an ex colleague of hers at work. But When I put my sim in it, which is attatched to a vodaphone contract, I either get little/no signal or my calls cut out after a few seconds! I checked the IMEI and I don't think it's been...
  2. K

    What os does the blackberry 9500 support?

    I got a blackberry 9500 what os can I upgrade it to
  3. R

    i have a blackberry storm 9500 its now got a blackscreen i have taken the...

    ...battery out and downloaded? software and now its still having the same problem i have called it and its accepting calls any ideas how to resolve this all help appreciated
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    Blackberry storm 9500 start up problem?

    Hiya, I've just got a Blackberry Storm 9500, and at the moment it has a new Vodafone sim in it. The problem is that is is displaying "Sim card rejected"...why is this, and how can I fix this? The phone is on the Vodafone network, and I am hoping to get it unlocked on friday to GiffGaffs...
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    i have blackberry storm 9500 its unlocked to o2 but it wont stay on the...

    ...network does it need to be unlocked? again i have changed the sim and its still doing it i got water spilt over it but got it dried in time and its working there are still a few watermarks on the inside of the screen i have done everything i can to dry it out would water damage cause it to...
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    is the blackberry storm 9500 still available and what is the best way to protect the

    screen? as my uncle gave me his old one as he upgraded and he got a new screen fitted to it so whats the best way to protect the phone and screen please
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    What happened to the lock screen on Blackberry Storm 9500?

    So just recently I did an update for my Blackberry Storm 9500 and everything seems to be good. The only problem I have is that when I put my BB on lock, it locks fine but the background still has the keyboard and date at the top whereas before when I locked my screen it would just show my...
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    I want one software for my Nokia 9500 by which I can block/Jamm recording of my...

    ...conversation? I want one software for my Nokia 9500 by which I can block/Jamm recording of my conversation /Talks when I call to others who use Call Recorders in their mobile. Please guide me how I can do it ?
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    HELP!!! blackberry storm 9500 questions!?

    i need to get java enabled on it but all the things on here say to check the boxes on browser configuration but my phone doesn't have a java box to tick. also my bbm is saying not registered or whatever it is can someone help me! hotmail doesnt work either and its sooo annoying!
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    Blackberry Storm 9500 Faulty Screen?

    I bought a BB Storm off Ebay last week, numerous times i have tried to use the phone to no avail. Firstly the touch screen will highlight icons but will not allow me to access the icon; For example if i want to send a message i have tapped the screen for me to get on to it, it will highlight...
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    i am unable to connect internet to my blackberry storm 9500 mobile.?

    i am from bhutan i tried with my service provider but still they also could not connect internet to my mobile
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    Anyone know how to remove the touch tone on the Blackberry Storm 9500?

    I have this little sound everytime i tap on my phone; But i don't know how to remove it.
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    Anyone know how to remove the touch tone on the Blackberry Storm 9500?

    I have this little sound everytime i tap on my phone; But i don't know how to remove it.
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    BlackBerry Storm 9500 with Vodafone, Mobile internet.?

    Hello, I am trying to connect my Mobile phone(Blackberry Storm 9500) with my computer so i can receive internet on my computer. My mobile network im with is Vodafone and im wondering if there is a way or program that i might be able to use internet off my phone. My phone has 500MB / Month and my...
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    How do i update my blackberry 9500 storm (originally vodafone carrier) to OS 5.0?

    Hi. I currently own a 9500 storm. It's original carrier is vodafone but it's already openline. Since I'm from the Philippines, I use Globe as my sim card. Now here's the thing, my phone's current OS is v4.7.0. I accidentally updated my Blackberry Messenger app to the latest version, which is...
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    Is BlackBerry Storm 9500 better than Bold Or Curve?

    Is BlackBerry Storm 9500 better than Bold Or Curve is it better bcuz storm is quite cheaper than bold or curve i know that torch is the best! i am looking to buy a good BB but not the same,, and everyone has a BB in school (i like to be different) i want bb not torch and...
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    Please give me link about new blackberry os file for storm 9500 / 9530?

    Blackberry OS (storm)
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    Should i Use Dual cards of nVidia 9500 one Gigs?

    Right now i have One Nvidia 9500 1 GB installed. I am wondering if adding my other one thats just laying around would boost performance, or if it would be worth it (another Identical card) This would mean that i would have 2 GB of video memory. I have 4 GB of RAM Intel Duo 2x3.12 GHz Asus...
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    The Blackberry Storm 9500 T-Mobile question?

    I was thinking of buying the Blackberry Storm 9500 and it has 3g not Wi-Fi. So if I am to buy the T-Mobile flexible booster "Unlimited Internet" will that give me 3g internet or just wi-fi
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    After upgrade the led wont work on my Blackberry storm 9500, only shows blue and...

    ...green. Help? I bought a Storm on os 4.7. The led worked showing red. Then I upgraded to os 5.0. Still worked. Then I downloaded BeBuzz. Still worked. Then in the same day suddenly will only flash mixes of blue and green. No red or other colours at all. Have tried hard reset, factory reset...