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    11 Jessica Heeringa Pictures – Abducted from Michigan Gas Station

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  2. R

    Rumour has it that the Rover X3 has been abducted by Martians?

    Are we waiting for a ransom note?
  3. M

    Some books that has a 'normal' girl/boy abducted into a fantasy world?

    Do you know any you could suggest?
  4. B

    Name of Sci Fi webcomic featuring humans abducted to help save cute

    aliens from exploitation? Also features a girl who ends up with cat ears and robotic limbs.
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    Watch Fringe s03e07 Online The Abducted?

    I want to see this episode online,can you tell me where please?
  6. Z

    Help! I was abducted by aliens?

    Okay I know you may not believe me, but last night I was abducted by aliens and I know it wasn't a dream! I tried to move my body and my eyes were barely open when I saw the aliens. Is there anyone I can contact to tell my story??
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    You and a celebrity have been abducted from Earth and placed on a distant plant...?

    Your told to populate this new world. Who is the celebrity? Planet <-my bad