1. G

    Lincoln University opens up access to research outputs

    In a first for a New Zealand university, Lincoln University has implemented an open access policy, allowing staff and postgraduate students to make their research outputs including research data, teaching materials and public records, openly and freely accessible on the web.The decision by...
  2. L

    How to access a Broken screen for the Nokia Lumia 900?

    I dropped my Nokia Lumia 900 into the corner of a table (I know its a weird brake, it slipped out of my hand!) and the screen has one small crack/impact in it, but the whole screen is black. I can turn it on, the windows logo, the search icon, and back arrow light up like they are supposed to...
  3. B

    How can I access my ringtones off idownload?

    I have a free music app on my iPhone called idownload and you can turn the songs you download into ringtones for your phone. However I'm not sure how to actually use them? Does anyone know how I can access them?
  4. A

    Can a T-Mobile Compatible Straight Talk SIM access Cellular Data Network on

    unlocked AT&T iPhone? I read somewhere that you can't access the Cellular Data Network on an AT&T Factory Unlocked iPhone with an AT&T SIM due to Apple, AT&T, and/or IOS 6, but performing the SIM swap trick with a T-Mobile SIM will work so you can change the APN settings for Data/MMS. If I order...
  5. Lisa

    Do all android tablets have access to Google Play?

    if the answer is no...can i download it to any newer 4.0 or 4.2 android tablet? even a knock off cheapo? and how can i tell before i buy if it has google play. i keep playing catchup with the technology & don't mind too much cause I get good deals & always find a home for old tablets but I'm...
  6. G

    Do you need to buy an android device to access Google's play store app?

    I tried to download an app, and the message that came up was that, "You haven't accessed the Google Play Store app on your device with this email account." Then it talked about android devices. All I want to do is download the Shazam app or any music identifier to identify a song that I heard in...
  7. M

    I can't access my Facebook account?

    I can't access my Facebook account? I have no longer access to my email...I just can't find it.. and now I have trouble with my password...I tried account recovery options but I had used my security question once so now fb doesn't give me the option to reset my password by answering security...
  8. T

    A&E Visits Increase Where Access To GPs Is Worse

    Patients with more timely access to GP appointments make fewer visits to accident and emergency departments, a study suggests. In the largest analysis of its kind to date, researchers at Imperial College London related A&E attendance figures in England to responses from a national survey of...
  9. G

    Tender issued for Tasman Global Access cable construction

    Tender issued for Tasman Global Access cable construction Posted on 13-Jun-2013 09:51. | Filed under: News :*Broadband. The three telecommunications companies (Telecom, Telstra, Vodafone) that intend to co-invest in a new submarine cable between New Zealand and Australia have issued a...
  10. K

    Does Huwaei Premia from Metropcs support Bluetooth Message Access Profile ?

    I am trying to get sms txt to show up in my car. Thx.
  11. K

    Does Huwaei Premia from Metropcs support Bluetooth Message Access Profile ?

    I am trying to get sms txt to show up in my car. Thx.
  12. R

    Why can't i access google play on my android?

    I've had my phone for several months now and I suddenly cannot access Google play. I have the app and a gmail account but it says "no connection." Also, when I get on the internet, no matter what page pops up, this security warning thing pops up. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  13. S

    Can you access the internet on an Iphone 4 without phone credit?

    I am looking too buy an Iphone 4, but I don't know if I need phone credit to access home wifi.
  14. T

    Gender Differences In Access To Trauma Centers

    Women are less likely than men to receive care in a trauma center after severe injury, according to a new study of almost 100,000 Canadian patients. "Gender-based disparities in access to healthcare services in general have been recognized for some time and evidence is emerging that these...
  15. G

    Bloomberg Reporters Used Shady Terminal Access To Spy on Finance Types

    Trading on Wall Street is basically a huge game of poke,r and it would be kind of hard to bluff or cover your strategy if Bloomberg reporters were watching your Bloomberg terminal to track your every move. So you'd assume said reporters wouldn't abuse their corporate affiliation like that...
  16. T

    How to access school wifi network on smartphone?

    The network is locked with WPA/WPA2 security, with which I have the correct key to. I can access the wifi network through my school mac book but I have a problem with receiving any data on my phone. My smartphone is an android (rooted) LG Nexus 4 (not sure if it makes any difference :P) My...
  17. J

    Is assassins creed brotherhood still worth getting with no online access?

    I want to get assassins creed brotherhood but unfortunately I do not have xbox live gold to play the multiplayer segment. Is the game still worth the price and will I be missing out on much??
  18. G

    Can't access my yahoo messenger account from my Android phone using the correct

    password. Any ideas? I can't acces Y! messenger and mail from my adroid phone (Samsung GT-I9305 Jelly Bean 4.1.2). Each time I try I get an error message : "Sign in failed. - Invalid user ID or password." even though my user and password information is correct. I verified the user and password...
  19. P

    I can't access my apps on custom android rom and I want to reset back to the stock

    rom? I am new to downloading roms and I seemed to get a little cocky and thought I can download a rom called jelly bro by euroskank. It was all going fine until when the phone (Nexus 4) restarted, I couldn't access any of my apps and I couldn't get back to the stock rom. I am really scared...
  20. N

    Caught in a loop where it is not possible to access Yahoo email account due to

    unknown security Q + alt. email? I want to check an email account but keep being told Yahoo does not recognise the device from which my request is being sent. I am then asked a security question but have no idea of the answer as it was set up in August 2009 (apparently). I then went to the Get...