1. C

    Will a 1993 honda accord stereo fit my '91?

    Also will the door panels from the '93 fit the '91? And what about the window motor?
  2. J

    Help!?! Honda accord 90 lx won't go over 70mph?

    My honda accord won't go over 70mph on the freeway, it also makes a really loud noise (as if the exhaust was broken) and forces it's self to pick up speed and it won't go past 3,000rpm help
  3. C

    1994 Honda Accord cranks and cranks, but wont fire. HELP!?

    I have a 1994 Honda Accord LX with a 4 cylinder 2.7 L engine. A few weeks ago I went out to start my car to go to class, and it cranked and cranked, but wouldn't start. I ended up replacing the entire distributer, main relay, spark plugs, and spark plug wires. I also cleaned out the cylinders. I...
  4. B

    Honda accord stereo upgrade?

    I have Honda accord 08 and it has factory stereo which sounds descent ,I really want to upgrade it but as you may know I should change the stereo panel and almost everything,I really don't know is it worthed or not and how much will be the total cost to change it. My stereo is like this...
  5. H

    Honda accord coupe 08' or infiniti g36 2006?

    Or 2008-10 mustang! And why? Thanks!!!!
  6. V

    Update: 2013 Honda Accord Coupe V-6

    There’s a misconception that since the death of the S2000, Honda’s only really “fun” car is the Civic Si (with respect to the tossable, but ultimately underpowered CR-Z). We’d dispute this point of view, and we think you would too, if you’d just got done testing Honda’s new Accord Coupe.
  7. K

    Can I turbocharge my 2003 Honda Accord Ex V-6 coupe?

    I need help thanks(:
  8. W

    Who would win in a head on collision: a Ford Focus or a Honda Accord?

    Say you and your archnemesis are in a car battle. which one would you take?
  9. B

    I'm trying to buy rims for my 2009 honda accord sedan.... I really like the xxr

    527 18x8.75 ...? But will the 8.75 be too wide for my car and will I have to modify the fender (which I'm trying to avoid)...
  10. M

    1998 honda accord coupe 3.0 check engine light heating up after 200 mile drive...

    ...from 9. degrees to 60. degrees? i bought a 1998 honda accord coupe 3.0 8/10 condition all around Seller said car needed a radiator flush And maybe heater core replaced piad $1,700 for it Drove it from big bear lake ca to ventura,ca parked car for an hour drove to insurance place turned heater...
  11. T

    Okay I have a 2000 honda accord and I want to know which h22 to put in it and what

    I would need to swap? It's a 2000 honda accord coupe it has that crappy f23a4 in it and I don't like it at all and I want to get rid of it so do u guys know what I would need to swap the h22 in there and what would be the best h22 to put in there.. Thanks guys
  12. E

    Which Used Vehicle is the best: '97 Honda Accord, '95 Subaru Legacy, or an '02

    Chevrolet Prizm? 1997 Honda Accord LX. Automatic Transmission. 153,125 miles $2,600 2002 Chevrolet Prizm. Automatic Transmission. 136,000 miles $2,650 1995 Subaru Legacy. Automatic Transmission. All Wheel Drive. 140,000 miles $2,395 Which one of these vehicles is the best? All wheel...
  13. J

    Honda Accord 94 gearbox jumping?

    Its an auto and when its going from first to second gear and so on there is a jerkiness changing gear. Not very strong but you can feel it. Even when changing from reverse to park to drive you can feel it. It has just been fully serviced and mechanic said dont take off too fast and should be OK...
  14. I

    2008 honda accord, 2008 vw jetta, or a 2009 toyota camry?

    Ok, so im trying to decide between these three. Not specific cars, just these make/models. Ratecthese in order from best to worst and tell me why? Thanks:)
  15. D

    Which car should would you choose? A Dodge Charger or Honda Accord Coupe?

    In a few weeks time I will be getting my first car for my 18th Birthday. I've been dreaming of a Dodge Charger for years now, and test drove one a few weeks ago and loved it. I also talked to a dealer extensively the other day as well. But over the past few weeks i've become very apparent to the...
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    Should i consider buying a nissan sentra ser spec v or a honda accord with

    a h22a swapped? Tax season coming up !
  17. S

    Torn between 2011 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC and new 2013 Honda Accord Coupe?

    I wanted 4 wheel drive but want a coupe too. Looked and looked and finally narrowed it down to the above two cars. Like both. A lot. I'll get a backup camera in the Honda, I assume slightly lower maintenance cost, and the sportier 2 door option that I want. And i'll get it new. The...
  18. M

    2001 honda accord vs. 1998 acura integra?

    I drive a 98 acura integra gs-r, vtech, dohc, headers, cold air intake, etc. My friend drives an 01 honda accord v6 3L vtech. the integra is 5 speed, accord is automatic. which car is faster ??
  19. R

    2006 Honda accord Exl-v6, or 2004 Lexus rx330?

    I'm planning to buy a used car. Honda accord has 90k miles. for $11k Lexus has 130k miles. for $11k Which car do you thing is the best car?
  20. C

    2001 honda accord i4 is it a good first car is it fast?

    Can a 2001 Honda Accord i4 lx beat cars in a race like a v8 caddy lol or a luxurious car. And what are some ways to make it faster and loose weight? I No stupid fucking answers. Thx I'm not tryna so much race people because I'm putting a body kit on it I was just wondering if it can keep up with...