1. hope1

    How do you create facebook account

    How do you create facebook account
  2. J

    I am going to pay $99 a year for this account, but I want to know how many...

    ...Iphones can be registered for OS b? How many Iphone's uDID can be registered under 1 Apple developers account? I am going to pay $99 a year for this account, but I want to know how many Iphones can be registered for OS betas, etc. What?
  3. M

    What happens if I change my google account on android tablet?

    I want to know if I change my account will all my apps and stuff get deleted, or only the paid apps will stop working? On Nexus 7 FHD.
  4. J

    Is there an easy way to transfer all my saved emails in my Rogers email account...

    ...over to my yahoo acccount? I really don't want to email every email in every folder to my new yahoo email address one by one as that will take forever! Thanks, Julie
  5. B

    where can i find motoblur account deactivation in bangladesh?

    if anybody knows how to deactivate motoblur in bangladesh let me know..and how much it would cost??
  6. A

    My Telus prepaid account seems to say I have unlimited data, do I?

    I have the Data + Messaging 20 deal with Telus, and have for several years. I already knew that I still get 250MB instead of 100MB because my account is grandfathered, but I was looking and under data usage it says as follows: add-on usage summary Add-On(s)UsedRemainingExpires Data (250 MB)...
  7. 8

    how to use a different google account on an android?

    I've been playing a game on my android but I need to buy the last few levels but I lost the password to my old google account. so I created a new one on my phone with a password I could never forget, even uninstalled and reinstalled the game on my new account but when I tried to buy the last few...
  8. P

    Android device after removing Google Account won't sign in?

    I've got a rooted HTC Desire C, with the stock ROM. I removed my Google account but when I want to sign in it says that there is no reliable connection. I didn't have any problem. I'm using the stock rooted ROM for more than 1 month... and never got problems. I am connected to my WiFi. I also...
  9. N


    folks i have a big problem over here when i try to access a program that requires the admin priveledges the user account control pops up and the yes button can not be clicked so i am absolutely stuck help.
  10. S

    i mistakenly deleted my backup google account from my android...n now it... not connecting to server.? i can not log in to google from any existing and new account n my internet is not i need to factory reset my phone??? P.S. it works fine when another sim is inserted..any help would be appreciated.
  11. S

    If i choose to use newegg's preferred account will i get the items right away?

    So im thinking of buying some stuff on newegg but this time i dont have much money to buy it at the spot so i was thinking of applying for the newegg preferred account card and just paying the bill within the 6-12months they give me to pay it off without interest. My question is that if i do end...
  12. C

    How do I remove an account on Gmail app for Android?

    Hello, I have a Galaxy note 2 and the latest update of the Gmail app. I have two accounts on the app and I like to remove one how can I do so. I can't figure it out. Your help is really appreciated!!
  13. G

    Yahoo! New Zealand notifying users about account deactivation

    Yahoo! New Zealand notifying users about account deactivation Posted on 2-Jul-2013 14:43. | Filed under: News :*SaaS. Yahoo! New Zealand today announced that it has commenced notifying New Zealand users who have not signed into their Yahoo! accounts in the past 12 months to do so before...
  14. R

    Why i cant creat an account in live mocha with my nokia c5.00?

    i wanna creat an account in livemocha but when i clicked in sign up button they said ''_os_unknown Support Coming Soon!''what can i do?i dont have pc..
  15. J

    How to sync android apps to google account?

    can u log in add ur gmail to a new android phone, and it will automatically download all the sync apps from the previous phone??
  16. C

    How to remove a google account from an android that is on another android without

    harming the contacts etc.? i have the LG Optimus V and i want to remove the main account. Only problem is, i dont know about the aftermath. Im planning to factory reset, but this account is on another phone. I want to know, if i factory reset, will it harm the contacts, calendar, etc. on the...
  17. C

    does anyone have a directv account i can use?

    i swear im not gonna hack into or something i just need the account for a tv provider that's neccesary for me to watch my shows online and i can't find my tv provider anywhere on the list so i just want to use it to watch my shows
  18. M

    How to fix Google Account Sync Error in Android ICS?

    I have a Cherry Mobile Flare with an Android ICS OS. Recently, some weird stuff happened that made the phone crash, after which only a wiping of the cache allowed it to boot again, before which it would endlessly get stuck in a boot loop. Now, however, after wiping the cache, for some reason I...
  19. M

    I can't access my Facebook account?

    I can't access my Facebook account? I have no longer access to my email...I just can't find it.. and now I have trouble with my password...I tried account recovery options but I had used my security question once so now fb doesn't give me the option to reset my password by answering security...
  20. A

    Updated BlackBerry OS and can't get bbm account back ?

    So I updated my BlackBerry Curve 9300 and I updated it BlackBerry OS 6. Everything is great, apart from my BBM contacts are gone, BBM wants me to start a new one, and when I go to email it says i must configure one but i don't know how. Also, I didn't make a backup because i started updating...