1. X

    Arm aches related to pregnancy or nicotine patches?

    I started wearing nicotine patches over a week ago, the very first day I put the patch on my left arm, an hour or so later I started getting really bad left arm pain, like a really strong ache so I swapped it my right arm, I then got right arm pain. The pain comes and goes and isn't as strong...
  2. J

    Frequent slight stomach aches help?

    I was sick with gastroenteritis 2-3 weeks ago. I have been having slight stomach aches for the last week. I don't have diarrhea, and I have not been vomiting at all. But I seem to burp, and I feel better. Is this still gastroenteritis? Also, when I had gastroenteritis, I never threw up or had...
  3. K

    i smoked a swisher 6hrs ago and now i have stomache aches,what do i do?

    so i smoked a swisher, i think i smoked it too fast because a few hrs later i now have cramps and my lower back hurts like hell now. Its my second time doing it from a very very long time. I took some aleve but its not really helping. I feel like throwing up will help but im not sure,any advice??
  4. F

    Have you ever ranted at someone so much that your larynx aches ...? !?

    My son hates me today :(
  5. E

    What is the diagnosis of a high fever, sore throat, and joint aches?

    I don't have any headaches, and no coughing, but my fever is 103.7 F
  6. C

    I have a lot of body aches & fever, What should I take besides Iboprofen?

    I woke this morning feeling really tired and restless. )= I came to work, but now I feel worst and I have more fever.. I'm not good with pills but can def. do syrup medicine.... HEEEELLLLPPPPP
  7. Y

    swallowing cum [sperm] causes stomach aches?

    so i know this is not the most appropriate question out there but i need help ive swallowed it before but this time my stomach hurts all over after i did it i dont know if it was caused by it or some bad food i ate earlier. help please oh and does it always taste sour/bitter or does it...
  8. P

    should i stop eating healthier or put up with bad stomach aches?

    Recently I was trying to eat healthier and since then, at night i would have bad stomach aches where I feel like I am gonna throw up, and i never do. Also since then i had bad diaria.
  9. M

    how can i quickly get rid of muscle aches and soreness?

  10. J

    Tooth Aches When Exposed to Something Cold?

    The bottom left tooth in front of my molar hurts when exposed to something cold, like apple juice. It also hurts when I scratch it repeatedly. Please tell me this is not a cavity, and if it is, any tips on how to get rid of it without the dentist, if possible? Thanks, Joe 13-year old molars, to...
  11. D

    as long as I think of this, my heart aches?

    my dad didn't suddenly become a weirdo, he and I had wonderful connection before age 7, then after that he became strict on one night....If I got bad grades or got into trouble, I didn't even dare go home.....then I got hooked up with manga when I entered junior high, a teenage girl didn't have...