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    Inquiry about Corrective Action Software

    A recent audit in my sister's company resulted that some issues occur with regards to safety of their work environment. For that reason, I'm tasked to research for a software that can assist the company with preventive and corrective action. We want an improvement of our business' system and...
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    How to meet Action Item and Allstar Weekend at Warped Tour?

    I know that I need to go to their merch tent but I'm not sure how early to get there or how many people to expect? I'm also not sure how the meet and greets they like sit down and sign things? Or is it informal where I can walk up and take pictures with them? Lol I'm so confused. If...
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    Drug Action In Pancreatic Cancer Tracked And Improved By Nanotechnology

    UK and Australian scientists have been able to show ways in which we can markedly improve drug targeting of solid tumours, using tiny 'biosensors' along with new advanced imaging techniques. In real time and in three dimensions, these technologies can show us how cancers spread and how active...
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    Take a Look at Windows 8.1 in Action

    By now you've probably read all about the upcoming OS update that is Windows 8.1, and come to terms with the fact that it's perhaps not the complete redesign that was rumored, or you were hoping for. Still, this video does at least show you some of the changes you can find in action. Read more...
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    ps2 games with a lot of action in them 10points asap looking for some right now?

    im looking for some ps2 games with a lot of action in it something like gears of wars on xbox 360 where theres war everywhere and u got to survive
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    Action Replay DSi freezes when Pokemon Black 2 loads?

    After I press 'continue', it just freezes on me.
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    New Gmail Action Buttons Let You Perform Tasks From Your Inbox

    One of the smaller—but nonetheless incredibly useful—new updates from Google is "]a series of actions buttons in Gmail which will help you handle tasks without having to send more messages or leave your inbox. Read more...
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    Action Replay DSi not working?

    So I haven't used my AR in a while, but before I put it up everything was fine for use with the DSi. Now, even though my DSi recognizes that there is a "game" in the slot, when I try to start it the screen just goes blank white and stays that way. Upon testing it with my DS with the broken...
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    Tips On Writing Action scenes?

    So I know that writing action scenes is hard and I want tips on writing it. Please and thanks. Examples would help too.
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    My man smokes, not for nicotine but the action of lips to hand any ideas?

    Any ideas for a way to still have the actions of smoking, minus the nicotine and tobacco killing his lungs plus the cost of buying them constantly? Please? I want to help him.
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    how to use action replay for dsi?

    I bought one for my brother. It works with the pre-installed codes. However, putting in other codes is difficult. The website is very vague on how to get codes for ds and my security downloader says the code manager it contians viruses. What to do?
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    What church does Roger and Anita get married in the live action version of...

    ...101 Dalmatians? You know the movie from 1996, that starred Glenn Close as Cruella DeVil. Please include at least one source with your answer, and please post your source(s) in the source box thank you.
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    My DSI action replay doesnt work on my dsi?

    After updating my dsi to its current update my action replay doesnt want to work anymore. But when i put it in my Ds lite it works totally fine. What do i do besides reformating it?
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    Why is affirmative action fair/unfair?

    I have a paper due in the morning about why is affirmative action fair/unfair. I have NOTHING. I really need you guys answers. Voting best answer. I need 3 reasons. Please Help.
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    Travel while deferred action process.?

    I applied for deferred action in december and i'm still waiting. Is it possible for me to fly on a plane from NY to florida? My friends and I want to go on vacation.
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    where i can watch kyou koi wo hajimemasu life action movie?

    i really curious about this movie.. can anyone help me .. onegaishimasu :)
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    all dvd sifi an action movies?

    need a list of dvds
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    What is a good action romance book name?

    Well I wanna write my own book with action and romance that is based on mid evil days with swords, bows an magic an I can't come up with ideas I got a drawing of 2 characters just no book name lol can anyone help me
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    Why does action replay stop working on only one ds?

    I have an action replay that Is pretty old but one day it just started freezing at white screen on my dsi which never happened before but when used on my brothers dsi it works perfectly fine what's up with that
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    Action Replay DSi wont load?

    Whenver I try to start AR it's just a white screen.