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    how to connect my dish net modem to a comtrend ct-5072t adsl2+ethernet router?

    I connected it but can't get wi fi
  2. J

    Is Dodo ADSL2 broadband unlimited download any good?

    Dodo is offering unlimited download and phone for $69.90 a month plus phone calls. I live in a rural area and telstra, optus and westnet do not offer broadband out here. I was wondering if anyone has used this before? Is it any good and how fast was internet speed? It sounds a little too good to...
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    Can Prestons Get Adsl2?

    I'm pretty sure it can, but i just want to know where the closet provider is and with who. eg Bigbond, AAPT etc. would be extremely helpful :D
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    Is Motorola + Billion capable of TPG ADSL2+?

    Hi, people, I've just joined TPG recently, the ADSL2+ 130GB one and wanna ask something about the equipments I bought. I have a Motorola SB5101 modem, I think it's cable, and now I bought a Billion BiPAC 7300G RA router, so I was wondering if this is capable for ADSL2+ internet or not. Thanks
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    Port Forwarding BitTorrent with Acanac ADSL2+ Router?

    I'm having quite a bit of trouble port forwarding on this router, and my BitTorrent is getting crappy speeds as a result. Does anybody know of any guides, etc. for port forwarding BitTorrent with this router?
  6. K

    what equipments i need to install a tpg 200G adsl2+ broadband internet?

    I am just confused with so many profession words:modern router central fliter.........i have install a home phone from telstra and i have a computer with wareless internet card inside(i do not know how to express the very equipment in english) what else do i need to finish a installation of the...
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    I want to share Internet using USB connection in ADSL2+ Modem.So My Question is....?

    I want to share internet. i m having ADSL2+ modem and in ADSL2+ Modem there are two way to connect internet i.e LAN (RJ45) and USB. The thing is that the distance between my home (Modem) and other pc is approx. 1/2 km. (The total distance of wire). so it'll work if i just cut the usb wire in...
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    What is the difference between ADSL2+ and Fiber Optic Internet?

    I am considering changing my broadband but don't know too much about this stuff. One company offers ADSL2+ and another Offers Fiber Optic, both are available in my area. Are both of these the same thing or is one better that the other?
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    best broadband adsl2 and home phone bundle in australia?

    im looking for a good company to go with with bundled adsl2 and phone line maybe with about 40 or more gb limit