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    Sleep over advice!!!?

    Tomorrow I have a sleep over and we're watching "The Conjuring" and I love scary movies but the last time I watched a movie like that I couldn't sleep for 3 months!!!! So I don't really wanna watch it but I don't wanna seem like a wuss and sissy out. So what do I do (also I usually watch scary...
  2. M

    Warped tour advice please?

    Ok so I'm 14 and going to warped tour for the first time with my sister (it's her first time too) and her guy friend (he's been a few times). At first I didn't want to mosh or crowd surf but now I'm almost positive that I'm going to mosh and crowd surf because my sisters friend convinced me and...
  3. L

    Advice about Egyptian men?

    I've been having a fling with a guy from Egypt . He knows very little english , I know no Arabic. I will admit that I know very little about what its like to live in Egypt, And I hate to assume and jump to conclusions about things. So I thought I'd ask about a few things that I can think of...
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    Is this a good prologue for a book? Y/N w/ advice appreciated?

    Visit here to read, much appreciated:
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    legal advice needed what can i do about this girl she is mad?

    there is this girl who was my friend, she used to flirt with me so i also flirted a little just for not looking rude......then we were one day watching a movie and she kissed me....kissing her was last thing in my mind but as she kissed me i in that action kissed her back, i lost my sense so i...
  6. K

    what website to trust for nutrition advice?

    I would love to know a website that i can trust to give me advice about nutrition that has lots of research behind it like an organization, or a college. I want one website to listen to because there is a million different studies about what to eat and what to avoid. and i am so confused...
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    PLEASE HELP need advice with my fitness and eating!! thank you?

    I have started going back to the gym full time again and was wondering if anyone can gie me some advice? mon - 1hr cardio/body pump class tues - 1hr cardio wed - body attack class thur - 1hr pt session fri - 1hr cardio sat - 1hr cardio sun - group gym training then repeat i try and eat healthy...
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    Looking for Gym Work out Advice?

    I will be starting at a gym on Monday with the aim of losing weight and getting fit because I am really out of shape and would like some advice on the best workouts for weight lose. The only problem is because of my family life/work I will only manage to get to the gym during my dinners and as...
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    Les Miserables Quiz making advice?

    I'm making a Les Misérables quiz for my friend just for fun. On the movie not the book. I already have who sang it, fill in the blanks from songs, name five songs characters ad settings, true and false, and I have pictures of the characters that she needs to label. I really want this to be a...
  10. C

    Need advice from people who have had scabies!?

    My boyfriend and I have been itching these little red bumps all over our bodies for weeks. We've looked up the symptoms and the most related thing we have come to was scabies. I went to the doctor for other reasons and while I was there, mentioned something about my bumps.. Without a test she...
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    I am writing a love story between teenagers. I need advice (Pleases and Thank you)?

    I am writing a love story between teenagers. I wanted to know, when do you prefer your characters to have a romantic kiss and also going out? In this case if the guy is a player who known for being with different girls sexual but lack intimacy because he will never kiss any female in the mouth...
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    need style advice?! what to pair with a sheer peach lace shirt?

    im going out to a work dinner with my husband and his work buddies and there wives tonight! i am planning on wearing white shorts, a sheer lace top and sandals! what color cami should i wear under the lace top? the lace is a light peachy color and has darker denim on the collar!!! thnaks (:
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    Can I have some Cell Phone advice? It would be pretty radical.?

    So Im 17, and I really need to get a cell phone, but my mom is kind of a dick about it so I guess my best option is to get a prepaid phone until I turn 18 in a few months. So my question is, how much would it cost to get a prepaid iPhone from a carrier? (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, doesnt...
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    Vans Warped Tour advice?

    So I'm going to my first Warped Tour this June with my friend c: we'd both 14, and we're going just the two of us (no other friends or adults). I was wondering what to expect when I go. This is also going to mainly be my first concert (I went to a JB one like three years ago but I was sitting in...
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    Can Mindfulness Save Us? The Body Image Advice For Teen Girls That Everyone Should Re

    Rookie, everyone's favorite purportedly-for-teenage-girls-but-really-for-anyone-with-a-heart-and-brain-website has done it again. This time, with a beautiful and honest essay about learning to love and appreciate your body—through mindfulness. More » Can Mindfulness Save Us? The Body Image...
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    Dietary Advice On Added Sugar Is Damaging Our Health, Warns Heart Expert

    Cardiologist questions whether current guideline daily amounts are fit for purpose Dietary advice on added sugar is damaging our health, warns a cardiologist on today. Dr Aseem Malhotra believes that "not only has this advice been manipulated by the food industry for profit but it is...
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    Baltic Cruise and Norther Europe Travel Advice?

    A friend is interested in a Baltic Cruise and asked me to do some research. The cruise leaves Copenhagen and visits Kiel (with connections to Hamburg) and Warnemunde (with connection to Berlin). Is there anything significant in Kiel or Warnemunde? Can you see a reasonable amount of Hamburg or...
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    any advice on how to make my vacation happier and livelier?

    I'm a fifteen year old kid, Grade 9. It's our summer vacation and there's 18 days left to go before " back to school" time. Any suggestions in what would I do in less than 3 weeks? my parents are too busy at moneymaking that they don't have time to take me on a trip somewhere, so staying at my...
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    Cellphone advice about a phone I just bought?

    I just recently purchased the Galaxy S4 phone yesterday and I was wanting some advice about the purchase of the phone to see if I purchased the right phone or not. I haven't really played with the phone and don't know how to work it efficiently yet because I just got the phone yesterday using my...
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    Jillian Michaels Gives My Least-Favorite Dieting Advice

    In the most recent issue of Fitness Magazine, celebrity trainer and diet coach*Jillian Michaels*-- whose most recent book, Slim for Life, came out in February -- gives one of my least favorite diet tips. More » Jillian Michaels Gives My Least-Favorite Dieting Advice is a post from Blisstree -...