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    I want to upgrade my LG 1.5 Ton airconditioner to Split AC?

    I have an LG 1.5 Ton Window Air condiitioner. Now I have a situation where i can not use my Window AC. Is there any way i can upgrade my current AC to split AC so that i can use it
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    Rental Air Conditioner Chennai,Rental Ac or AirConditioner chennai

    SSairconditioner chennai povides rental air conditioner(ac) for Marriages, airconditioner(a/c) for Conference,Hospitals,Banks,Film Shootings,receptions in chennai, pondichery,andhra pradesh,karnataka,banglore,hyderabad. Rental AC in chenni,Rental Air Conditioner Chennai,Rental Ac or...
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    What is the exact function of vent used in the air-conditioner?

    The vent is one of the components used in A.C. I am not clear about the exact function of it.
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    is it normal for my dodge caravan to run hotter while the airconditioner is running?

    we just changed the thermostat last night because it all of a sudden ran really hot.No liquid is leaking anywhere. Maybe I'm paranoid but now it does seem to run hotter while the air is on.
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    why wont my airconditioner turn off?

    im really cold now. it doesnt have an off button and the remote screen went blank. i have no idea what to do i turned it on like 30 minutes ago and the remote was working fine then and no its batteries i've only had it for like 2 years. and i dont have spare batteries anyway and i've got no...
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    could we reverse global warming by building a big airconditioner?

    if we build millions of airconditioners each one the size of a ten story building and turn them all on at once and set them on the coolest setting and let them run around the clock, how long would it take to cool the earth by 1 degree celcius?