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    What does it allegory mean in Ephesians 2 by saying Christ abolished the law

    from his flesh? Is it allegory saying if it's law, flush it as if dung?
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    Is the second shinobi war in Naruto a world war II allegory?

    this might be really obvious, seeing as they were both second world wars, but I'm noticing some very specific parallels between Naruto and World War II scattered throughout as I'm watching through the episodes beyond just superficial comparisons. The economic benefits derived from the war for...
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    What is the allegory significance of Christ would not receive the "mingled" drink?

    What is the allegory significance of Christ would not receive the "mingled" drink? Matthew 27:34 They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted [thereof], he would not drink. Mark 15:23 And they gave him to drink wine mingled with myrrh: but he received [it] not...
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    Is LORD God allegory for LAWED Grace, the mingling of contrary things?

    - if what LORD God commanded man is a paradox: Genesis 2:16 - every tree, freely given... Grace Genesis 2:17 - not every tree, surely die... LAW You can't disobey Gen 2:16 Grace by itself, and you can't obey Gen 2:16 when Gen 2:17 addead. - if God vs LORD commanded Noah differently: God said...
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    discuss plato's allegory of the cave? How is the matrix(movie) like plato's cave?

    Please help me answer these two different questions please be very specific and give examples each questions should be at least couple paragraphs long. HELP PLEASE A.S.A.P
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    Is this an "allegory", or some other kind of Filipino story?

    "Aref is a man who hates flies. Whenever flies buzz over his head in his room, he tends to get his flyswatter, that looks as if it has seen better days, and hunt down the flies till he kills them all. But one morning as he rose from bed, a rather young and smallish fly buzzes his head, and he...
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    how to start off an introduction on animal farm about it being an allegory to

    the russian revoultution? i just need help with my introduction opening like a question or antidote or somthin plz help