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    Backstage at American Idol: The Real Scoop on Nicki Minaj's Late Arrival

    A hoodie-sporting Nicki Minaj may have shown up late to American Idol's top 10 performance show tonight, but it turns out she wasn't quite as tardy as it appeared to viewers at...
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    Luggage arrival time on Carnival Cruise?

    From when you hand over your bags until they get delivered to your room, how long would it take? Should I pack clothes in my carry on? What's the longest you've ever experienced? Can you rush them if it doesn't arrive by the first night? New to cruising, and I just wanna know.
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    singapore visa on arrival?

    Hi. I am from India and currently working in United States. I am currently on my work visa (H1) extension and going to India for the stamping. Saying so, can you please let us know if i can get a Singapore visa on arrival?
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    Since the arrival of LeBron to Miami Heat had it made Dwyane Wade a better player?

    Looking at these guys in the Playoffs this year they seem to come as a pair, like the married couple of the NBA. But has LeBron's arrival at the Heat made Wade a better player? Or has LeBron put a large 6'8 shadow over Wades former spotlight? 3-1 down but the Bulls are going to pull it back...
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    Hiking the states? Questions on arrival?

    I have every intention on leavibg to hike the states this month. My only concern is the questions I may be asked when I arrive JFK. Will they get funny seeing as I shall arrive with sod all cash but with enough camping gear to last me some time?
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    Can my wife(KSA Iqama Holder) get Visa on Arrival in Dubai when travelling...

    ...without me??I reach dubai by road.? I am an Indian Citizen , with a KSA iqama , Registered as Electrical Engineer (mohandis)...I want to travel to UAE by road for Eid hols.I know i can get Visa on Arrival in UAE. BUT, My wife also is registered in my Iqama. She recently went back to India on...
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    If a non-believer worked on the Sabbath before the arrival of Christ, was he

    or she found guilty for working? On the Sabbath? Were non-believers considered law breakers if they did something that God did not approve of even though they did not believe in God? Please post scripture to back up your answer.
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    how can I read the book : The Arrival By:Shaun Tan online please help!!!?

    I really need to read this book!!!
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    i ordered a package and USPS saids arrival at unit what does this mean?

    i ordered a game and i tracked it down through USPS and they said arrival at unit so does that mean ill be getting it today
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    sighs of the arrival of Jesus Christ?

    well im just wondering if any of you know the sighns of the end of the world. i have not read the whole bible yet and i know many of you have. i just want you to tell me the sighns of the end of the world. i know about 2 the world hunger and many natural disaster. me myself think that the world...
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    T-Mobile Rebate card arrival.?

    I upgraded my phone from the retail store on June 2 and filled out the rebate form on the 8th. It's been about 3 weeks since I sent it out. I tried checking the status of my rebate card online and it says "Pending Offers". What does this mean? How long does a typical rebate card come in? Thank's...
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    Pre-ordered iphone 4g arrival date?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew what date the iphone 4G/HD would arrive if pre-ordered. Would it be shipped on the 24th or arrive on the 24th? If anyone knows I'd appreciate the help, thanks.
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    Warped Tour Ticket Arrival?

    So I ordered a warped tour presale ticket all the way back in March. It comes with the compliation CD and the laminate It's been quite a while and I'm wondering how many weeks before the event it will arrive I'm going to the July 9th Toronto Show. I just want to know a general time so if it...
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    Television Star Alison Sweeney Joins ZYRTEC(R) To Welcome The Arrival Of Spring With

    Allergy sufferer and actress Alison Sweeney joined the makers of the fastest 24-hour over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medicine, ZYRTEC®,for an unusual race to officially welcome the first day of spring and new ZYRTEC® Liquid Gels. The "Race Against Your Allergies," which took place in New York...
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    whats the name of the song in the first sears arrival lounge

    commercial?(you kno the one with the guy singing)? i keep asking google but no answer so do any of you kno the answer? WHEN YOU FIND THE ANSWER JUST E-MAIL ME AT [email protected] thnx
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    FedEx delivery from ATT arrival date help?

    So yesterday ( Wednesday ) I orded an iPhone from AT&T online. I picked the two day FedEx express delievery. When will my iPhone arrive. Will it arrive on Friday, Saturday, or Monday? Wednesday night it said it was processed but hasnt been shipped yet.
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    Early Arrival For Stimulus Check Anyone? 06/06 batch?

    I received my second notice in the mail Mondaysaying I'd get my check by Friday June 6th. I read on here that the notice was worded wrong that it will be mailed by that day. Is that true? Did anyone get the second notice and then got their paper check earlier than what the date said? For example...