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    What are some awsome Sci-fi movies?

    i didn't really think sci-fi was my type of genre of movies, but after seeing a few, I realized that I LOVE Sci-fi movies!!! I really don't like movies that make you think hard, or keep u guessing (no i'm not ignorant, i'm just watching these for leisure and I don't want to have to solve some...
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    What are some good and awsome android apps for my driod 2?

    Hi I'm looking for cool free apps for my dripd 2 it doesn't have to be a game app but if it is and it's fun tell me plz
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    Trading Awsome wow account for runescape account?

    I have a lvl 85 paladin and a 75 shaman on one account. Has tons of stuff on them even a rare mount on the paladin. Paladin has full pvp gear including wep. Has like 5k gold on the account. There is tons of stuff i could list off that i dont have time for. Email me if you want to know more about...
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    what is an awsome sci fi movie :D?

    has anyone got a good suggestion ? old or new :)
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    Anyone know of any good mangas that have awsome characters such as Vinland

    Saga and Ares or Vagabond? Ok well I have read a ton of mangas that i enjoy however Vinland Saga and Ares as well as Vagabond have especially caught my attention because I love the mature/gory scenes they have as well as the war scenes that others dont have... if anyone knows any manga that...
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    New Naruto Shippuden Movie!!! Doesnt it look awsome to you? "Where am I?" "Something happened that will change the world" "I havent seen you in a long time, Naruto." OMG!! Naruto and his Dad fight together, I think this will be awsome!! Whats your thoughts on the new movie?
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    i have a really awsome glass smoking pipe?

    if i were to clean it or buy a new glass pipe that has never been used could i put it into my tank
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    wich is better awsome?

    call of duty2 or residient evil4
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    i heard a rumor about ECW that is awsome?

    their main event still features finlay and his midget. i wouldn't get too excited.
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    who reckons that the witcher is an awsome game?!?

    at first i actually hated it but im starting to play it and i am really interested in it, how weird is that.
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    Minnesota Awsome?!?!?

    I'm in a debate with my friend. I think Minnesota is awsome! I think its the best state in the world!! But my friends think its where hoboes go to die?!?! they think it sux! What do you think