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    Model Caprice Bourret Is Expecting Two Babies A Month Apart And Yes This Is Scientifi

    Caprice Bourret has hit the fertility sweepstakes. She may not be expecting triplets via IVF giveaways, but at age 41, she is pregnant with her first child after struggling with infertility. And she has another kid on the way too. More » Model Caprice Bourret Is Expecting Two Babies A Month...
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    How to clean my fish tank with babies in?

    I have recently bought 2 female guppies. We must have purchased a pregnant one as after just 3 weeks of having them, one of the females has given birth to lots of babies. I have read a few get eaten but due to having lots of plants and hiding places (and no other fish other than the mother and...
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    What do you think is fueling the trend for teens to want babies?

    Yeah, what is making so many teens so desperate for babies they disregard safe sex? Is it a trend? Is it glorified too much?
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    Colic In Babies May Be Linked To Migraines Later In Life

    Colic has historically been described as a gastrointestinal issue, however, a new study suggests that migraines may play a role. The finding was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and revealed that the likelihood was seven times higher that kids with migraines were...
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    Playing Music and Lullabies Help Soothe Premature Babies

    Music - especially lullabies - deliver health advantages to the most vulnerable babies, preemies, who are being treated in the neonatal intensive care unit, a new study suggests. The finding was published in the journal Pediatrics and revealed that premature babies who listen to music can see...
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    Babies' Brain Functioning Affected By Parental Conflict, Arguments

    Being exposed to arguments between parents is associated with the way babies' brains process emotional tone of voice, according to a new study to be published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The study, conducted by graduate student Alice Graham...
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    Babies Born Addicted To Junk Food? It’s (Sort Of) A Thing

    The old adage that pregnant women are "eating for two" is so much truer than the pre- neuroscience-obsessed*eras knew. A new study of pregnant women with poor diets found mothers can actually pass on a junk food "tolerance" to unborn children, setting them up for a lifetime of being less...
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    At what age do babies start laughing?

    I have atleast 5 videos of my 3 month old God son laughing
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    Why do libs dish dirt by the truck load, but cry like babies when dirt gets tossed

    back? what say you
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    Why won't my Syrian hamster have her babies?

    It's been 4-5 weeks since we had her and the male together, and we noticed about a week afterward that she was bigger and pear-shaped. We googled everything about we could about hamsters giving birth, and she hadn't started nesting yet so we cleaned out her cage one last time and left her alone...
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    Potential Health Risk To Mothers' And Babies' - High Levels Of Stress Experienced By

    Stress during pregnancy puts mothers' and their babies' health at risk, previous research has shown. Now, a University of Missouri study indicates low-income pregnant women in rural areas experience high levels of stress yet lack appropriate means to manage their emotional and physical...
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    373.1 Fun Psychic Readings and Making Babies - Dec 30,2012

    Nicole reports that the baby making plans are on hold, Michelle had to rat out baby daddy to grandma, Sadawnie calls in about her "friends" fixerupper guy, happy birthday New York Sue aka our good luck charm, Salena calls in about a power struggle with her controlling ex about her sons eye...
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    Babies Born To Mothers After Bariatric Surgery Have Healthier Hearts

    Investigators have found that babies born to obese mothers who lost weight after bariatric surgery have less cardiovascular risk factors compared to siblings born before the surgery. The bodily changes and weight loss that occur as a result of the surgery, positively effect inflammatory...
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    Can babies laugh in the womb?

    I'm 28 weeks, I had a 4D ultrasound and my baby kept yawning and sticking her tounge out and smiling. I swear at some points it looked like she was laughing but I couldn't tell because id then giggle and mess up the picture. did she really laugh or was she just yawning/smiling
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    Why do libs dish dirt by the truck load, but cry like babies when dirt gets...

    ...tossed back? what say you
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    Why do libs dish dirt by the truck load, but cry like babies when dirt gets...

    ...tossed back? what say you
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    Research Team Analyzes Stress Biology In Babies

    Pregnancy duration predicts stress response in the first months of life After waking up, the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in saliva rises considerably; this is true not only for grown-ups but for babies as well. A research team from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and from Basel...
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    How much do you think i should be able to sell some of my beanie babies that i

    have double? what do you guys think a decent price to sell them for individually or as a small group?
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    Greater Incidence Of Babies With Retinoblastoma In US-Born Latinas

    In a large epidemiologic study, researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center found that the children of U.S.-born Latina women are at higher risk of having retinoblastoma, a malignant tumor of the retina which typically occurs in children under six. The study, which focused on babies born in...
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    Old Moms, Rejoice: Having Babies Late May Protect Against Cancer

    Rejoice, older mothers! New research says that becoming a mother at later age can actually reduce your risk of endometrial cancer. Women who gave birth after age 40 or older were 44% less likely to develop endometrial cancer than women whose last birth occurred at age 25 or lower. Since women...