bad or good

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    Having a bad/good day? Need to rant?

    Easy 2 points. Just let your feelings blow up here. Having a great day? Horrible day? Excited? Sad?
  2. L

    is honey ok for my parakeets?what food is bad/good for parakeets info on parakeets?

    i dont usually get to go to the petstore and by my birds treats any ideas for treats but they must be healthy and good once someonwe told me to put avocado in their cage but thats bad i have to make sure its ok whatever u tell me id like answers from parakeet owners and expierenced people. i...
  3. T

    What is bad/good about the Subaru Wrx Sti?

    i am looking at this car for my first car. no im not buying it new and yes i know its manual its what i want. but just some information about this car would be great