1. V

    Favorite Breaking Bad Characters: #4 Gustavo Fring

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  2. V

    Favorite Breaking Bad Characters: #3 Hank Schrader

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  3. S

    Can I go to the gym while on periods? Is it bad?

    Should i?
  4. Jordan

    How come when my dad gets mad he hits me in the arm like ufc fighter hurt bad?

    Im 11 he hits me when i get an attitude or he thinks i get
  5. I

    Is Glasgow really as bad as everyone says?

    I was thinking about going there for university but every time I say that to someone they cringe and tell me how rough it is or how they know someone that knows someone who got stabbed there. I think it seems lovely with a really good nightlife, and I met some Glaswegians on holiday and they...
  6. V

    Favorite Breaking Bad Characters: #9 Walt Jr.

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  7. A

    How bad is motoblur (- it loads without being asked)?

    How scared do I need to be about motoblur? I hear it transmits passwords and other personal information to third parties without asking for permission.
  8. A

    why does taco bell have such a bad rep? serious question?

    People always talk about taco bell causing upset stomachs and diarrhea but I did an experiment and ate nothing but taco bell for 36 hours. I ate 2 smothered burritos one chicken one beef, chalupa supreme with mild and hot sauce, a cantina burrito with steak, a crunch wrap supreme and a taco. I...
  9. B

    Can I use a bad esn iphone on t-mobile?

    If the iphone is under sprint, verizon, or att, can i unlock it and use it for t-mobile?
  10. T

    Bad vacation, HELP! INSECTS, HEAT, BORING!?

    So I'm on a vacation with My dad stepmother and Steph brothers and sister which I don't get along with very well and I don't live with them. So we're in Egypt and we have no car an ant infestation a nasty kitchen and bathroom many mosquito and the only reason my dad came here which he just told...
  11. E

    Would it be bad to drink green juice before a workout?

    For breakfast, I always just make my own "green juice" (Cucumber, celery, romaine, kale, broccoli stem, lemon, and green apple), but soon I'm going to switch to working out in the morning instead of at night. I know that when you have carbs before a workout, you're essentially burning off those...
  12. A

    Is it bad i i teach my son how to play yugioh an travel the country with

    him to compete in toirnaments? I really love yugioh
  13. S

    How bad does stepping on a Stone-Fish hurt?

    Just curious lol
  14. T

    Does t-mobile make a big deal about bad credit? Need this answered ASAP!!?

    I'm getting a phone tomorrow from t-mobile. My dad has bad credit will that affect me getting the galaxy s4? I need help please!!! Before tomorrow!!
  15. T

    Think Uncertainty Is A Bad Thing? It's Actually A Mark Of Sound Science

    Scientists and research institutes are challenging the idea that uncertainty in research is a reason for people to worry about the reliability of findings. Researchers in climate science, disease modelling, epidemiology, weather forecasting and natural hazard prediction say that we should be...
  16. Y

    Is it bad or good to eat after a workout?

    Hello I'm going to start working out and my schedule is to workout a bit in the morning then afternoon is my long workout lol I was wondering is it bad or good to eat dinner after a workout, better yet what's your scheduel I really am determin to loose weight, the amount of weight I am determind...
  17. B

    Any bad or good experiences with Nokia Lumia 520?

    need some personal opinions from owners of Nokia Lumia 520
  18. K

    Is it bad to practice soccer on CONCRETE!!?

    Is it bad to practice dribbling,passing,shooting in concrete!! AND is playing soccer on grass better than concrete!!?!!!!?!!!?!!???!!!!
  19. T

    Exercise Can Turn Bad Fat Into Good Fat

    Researchers have found that exercise helps "bad" fat transform into a form of "good" fat that is more metabolically active. The findings were presented at the American Diabetes Association's 73rd Scientific Sessions. Humans have two types of fat: Brown fat (the good fat) - this type of fat...
  20. B

    Is zupreem ferret diet bad?

    Im not sure if this food is bad. I just spent 25$ on it.. Can someone please tell me if this good for my ferret is any good ?