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    Any cool theme suggestions for my drama club banquet?

    We are having our banquet in May and we're trying to think of themes we could use for it. We have already done a murder mystery thing, theatre characters, and a masquerade. Anyone have any ideas that we could use? We want a theme where you could still look nice and dressed up.
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    I need help finding an outfit or a dress for our 8th grade banquet it's hollywood...

    ...theme please help! :(? I need help finding a dress or an outfit for our 8th grade banquet for our promotion. It's Hollywood theme. And i have NO CLUE what to wear and where to buy it :( pleeeeease help
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    i need help finding an outfit for our banquet.. it's HOLLYWOOD theme.. and i

    have no clue what to wear! :'(? Our 8th grade promotion is coming up and i need an outfit for our banquet that's "hollywood" even if its not a dress i just need something to wear that fits for Hollywood.. please help!! i don't know where to buy them.. :'(
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    Banquet Themes?

    My group will be having a banquet and we are looking for banquet themes. It will be for Christian high schoolers and will be in April...any suggestions? I was thinking of an Oscars theme...