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    Have you been introduced to Tal Wilkenfeld, a.k.a. Jeff Beck's bassist ? ?

    Always a solid inclusion in any "best female musicians" list. And--only 25 at that!!
  2. G

    Adam Lmabert KIsses his bassist everynight during his tour onstage what... u think about it (Links included)? Okay so adam lambert kisses his male straigt bassist every 4 out of 5 times he sings this song on tour what do you think about it... Watch from (0:10 - 0:29) ^^^...
  3. S

    Isn't this a pretty amazing bassist?

    My dad told me to watch this after we had a short conversation about singing and playing bass at the same time. What do you think? BQ: Your favorite bassist?
  4. C

    Does Brendon Urie have a new girlfriend (rumored to be Paramore bassist ex-gf)?

    I saw a picture on buzznet of him with Spencer, panic's body guard, some other guy, and a girl that looks like katy perry (but people are saying that it's the paramore bassist's ex). I know it's none of my business because it's his personal life, but I'm just curious.