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    Star wars battlefront 2 crashes and no stereo option in the sound folder?

    I have a common problem where star wars battlefront 2 crashes when i start a game and I'm supposed to fix it by enabling the stereo mixer in the sound settings at control panel, but it isn't there.
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    Star wars Battlefront 2 PS2 Dedicated Server Help?

    I have used this program a lot and i have found V1.7 but that's it and i can only get it a I want the newest version and the version that has everything working. The version i have now will not allow me to use auto announcements and comes up with a message saying cant find path...
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    Star Wars Battlefront II NTSC XBOXDVD-CLEAR

    Category: Console-XBox Size: 2.41 GB Files: 59 (10 pars) Group: .NFO: View NFO Ext. Link: Posted: Mon November 8th 05:27:01 UTC Download NZB
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    I have scratches on my ps2 star wars battlefront 2 disc. Can in-game problems... fixed? I have scratches on my ps2 star wars battlefront 2 disc, and it has caused in-game problems. Such as: sound/music, and enemy AI. Can I fix this in any way? Or do I have to buy another disc to play on? Edit after first answer: Any other info...?
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    Why wont the Infinite Ammo cheat on Starwars Battlefront 2 work? (PS2)?

    I have tried multiple times using the infinite ammo cheat on my PS2 on the game: Starwars Battlefront 2. -Do you know why its not working? Thanks.
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    4445 Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron (E)(M2)(BAHAMUT)

    Name: 4445 Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron (E)(M2)(BAHAMUT) Category: Games: DS Size: 36.87MB Added: 2009-11-19 17:02:47
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    4404 Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron (G)(OneUp)

    Name: 4404 Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron (G)(OneUp) Category: Games: DS Size: 36.69MB Added: 2009-11-12 16:44:45
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    What ports do I have to open up in order to host a Starwars Battlefront II...

    ...dedicated server on the pc for ps2? I am using the Starwars Battlefront II server manager from black bag operations. I am trying to host a dedicated server for the ps2. When I try and connect to it from my ps2, it eventually times out and says cannot connect to host. Are there any...
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    So i was wondering if they are coming out with Starwars Battlefront 3 or is it

    just a rumor? i loved battlefront 1 and 2 and people have been saying they are coming out with Battlefront 3 which shold come out for Ps3 and Xbox360. Is that just a rumor? I know they came out with Renegade Squadran for PSP but is Battlefront 3 gonna be the next installation to the series?
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    Battlefront 2 Closes When I Click Launch or Try to Start an Internet Game.?

    I Just installed Battlefront2 on my laptop equipt with Vista. I installed the newest Gamespy and a driver software program that came with it. But when I click launch or try to join an internet game it goes black and closes the program and doesn't give any error or close message. Any way to fix it.
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    i have battlefront 1 the original and i heard you can download patches and

    modes to play as Jedi? if anyone knows a url plese help me cheers