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    How to Build a Bungee-Powered Bazooka [Video]

    In the rare instance where a gas-powered potato gun or a pump-action slingshot may be considered "overkill," might I suggest the less-than-lethal Bungee Bazooka? More »
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    Bazooka MGW 1224 Phat Tuesday series car audio subwoofers?

    Are these subwoofers any good
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    Will a 6 inch Bazooka bass tube be okay for my 98' Jetta? Or should I go 8?

    I'm not looking for ground shaking bass, just want to enjoy my music. Basically, will it be able to fill the car?
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    10 inch Bazooka in 2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?

    I have a Sebring convertible and i am about to purchase a 10in. Bazooka bass tube for my car. The only problem i see is getting the power. I know in order to change my battery you have to take the front wheel off to get to it. Will this be a problem? Do i just need to have a professional...
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    How far does a bazooka travel in 5 seconds?

    I know that the M20 A1 can travel over 800 metres, although it is much less effective at this range. I would like to know how fast a bazooka travels and how far it would travel in 5 seconds from the moment it is fired.
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    i have a mono ba1500 bazooka amp with 750 watt max power/rms power output-500...

    ...watt and peak power output 750? its hooked up with 2 12' rockford fasgate p3s 1000 watt peak and rms of 500 and dual 4 umps. in a dual Q logic bass performance box. where do i set my low pass crossover at the range is 40hz to 130hz. also where do i set my level whitch i dont no what that is...
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    Connecting bazooka tube to home stereo?

    I recently took my bazooka subwoofer tube (w/ amp) out of my car and it is just sitting around. Is there any way to rig it up to my home stereo system? My stereo at home has a single RCA slot for subwoofers that are exterior form the base stero.