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    In your opinion, who are the most behaved and nicest users on yahoo

    answers philippines? Also ..state the worse behaved users currently .eg (buy 1 take 1,albert roberts, Independantmark, douglas smith,)
  2. D

    Interesting that white people who have the most horribly behaved kids?

    and who have no clue what it means to discipline their child, have no problem trying to correct or mention what a black kid is doing wrong. Does anybody analyze and evaluate themselves anymore or do they just assume that they are the model of perfection and everyone should follow? "Many of us...
  3. P

    Why do people like bad behaved celebrities?

    They go to jail, break laws, their drunk ALOT, and other bad things celebrities do! So, why do people like bad celebrities? About a week later they'e loved by everybody again! It's SICK!