best or worst

  1. J

    What, in your opinion, is the best/worst thing about the opposite sex?

    remember, there are no wrong answers. well, maybe.
  2. M

    home/studio style recording equipment -best/worst?

    I'm looking for ~affordable~ home recording equipment. What has worked for you and what hasn't? Do you know of any complete bundles/packages worth buying?
  3. B

    Best/worst Makeout Stories?

    haha idk. just wonderngggg....
  4. L

    What prescription painkillers are the best/worst for your system?

    If you had to take pain meds, which ones would really work better for you and your system? I'm currently on percocet but am scared of it because of its high acetaminophen contact. Would oxycontin be better, because it doesnt have the acetamoniphen? What about vicodin? Is any one of these...