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    If I prefer Betamax over DVD's, would you think I'm crazy?

    Yeah yeah , i know the format has been dead for like 25 years. DVD's are great - Clear Picture ( but not as clear as Blu-Ray) - skip scenes / fast ford and rewind fast - put scenes of a movie in slow motion and zoom in DVD's aren't so great - They get scratch / break in half easy - They're...
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    Help with a Betamax problem ?

    I am watching an old Betamax tape and am trying to transfer it to iMovie on my Mac. The problem is that the image is washed out and a bit ghosted. It is not the software because the TV shows the same image. Is there anything I can do to correct the problem? I have already cleaned he heads of the...
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    Betamax Connecting Problems?

    For Christmas I was given a WinTV-HVR-3000 PCI TV Tuner Card so that I could connect my betamax machine up to it. My betamax machine is a Sanyo VTC-M10 and is in full working order. But the simple idea of the COAX cable didn't fully work - as we did get a signal, but in black and white with a...
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    How can I fix my Betamax Player?

    Hello, I have a Sony SL-C6UB Betamax player, when I play a tape the picture distorts then goes back to normal then distorts again, this happens around every two seconds.