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    What is a good sport bike for me?

    I'm a 5'4 female about 135lbs and I'm 17. I have almost no experience riding motorcycles and was looking into getting a ninja 250 but someone at my school has the same bike. yes, I'm a teenager and want to have an original, cool and fun ride. Any other suggestions for cool looking bikes that I...
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    How much do you think my sport bike is worth?

    I have a 1996 yamaha FZR 600. The bike only has 6,400 miles on it. All stock and runs like a dream. I added some decals but nothing to major. The color is the original red, white and blue with some orange. Very pretty bike. Now the bad news. I was cut off on the freeway and lost it. I'm alive...
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    What does Torque means in Bike? Please explain- which one is better? 11.4 Nm @ 7500 RPM or 11 Nm @ 5000 RPM?
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    can i wear wayfarer sunglasses for bike rider ?

    please select a sunglass from this website and post it in your answer
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    is the MC_D250RTC sport bike worth the 2000$?

    Im 16 and trying to buy my first sport bike while it may not be a legit sports bike its 250cc its called a MC_D250RTC on is it worth the 2000$
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    Son hit by a car on his bike.?

    My 11year old son was hit by a car a week ago and broke his leg in two parts. He was on is bike on the pavement and fell into the road when the car hit him. The police said the will not take any act. Is they anyting a can do or not
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    Is the Mongoose Tyax Sport Hardtail Mountain Bike 2013 any good?

    I'm looking for a mountain bike and thought this one looked quite descent could you also suggest any other good mountain bikes for about £300
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    Bike's gone, is it a matter to take to the police?

    I forgot to put my bike away and left it outside the house overnight (stupid, I know) This morning, of course, it's gone Is this something to go to the police about or do I just accept that it's gone (probably to the nasty scrap metal men)
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    Can i install gears on my fixie bike?

    I have a fixie bike, but i want to transform it into a road bike, i already removed the fixed sprocket and installed a single gear so that i can coast. But is it possible to install multiple gears on my bike providing it only had a cable slot for the rear break cable and had none for the...
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    How hard is it to ride a sport bike?

    I have never ridden a motorcycle in my life and I do plan on going to a class to learn how. The first motorcycle I am getting is probably a sport bike because I have always wanted one. I want to know how difficult it is to ride one? If it is hard, then which kind of sport bike would be easier to...
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    Do I need to re jet my carbs now that there's a sports exhaust on my bike?

    It's a gpz500s and it has a viper race exhaust on it now and it isn't quite the same as it was with the old exhaust, one I hit high revs it boggs down slightly almost like there isn't enough petrol going through or the carbs are blocked Do I need bigger jets? If so what would I buy/ search for...
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    which bike is good for ne bullet ,r15, cbr?

    rf bullet,,r15 or cbr
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    Best sport bike gear that isn't too costly?

    Best gear to find for petite women like me? I'm 5'4" almost 5'5" and evenly portioned. Looking for everything; helmet, gloves, jacket, & pants. Not many bike shops around here, I think we only have Honda and Davidson last time I checked. I'm into sleek looks mostly or basically like...
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    Is there a way to make a bike wheel with out spokes.?

    Im making a custom bike and trying to make a bike looking more hightech, i know the spokes are nessesary but is there any company that sells ones that are designed with out them?
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    Which Bike should I buy YAMAHA Fazer 150 or Pulsar 200 NS?

    Hi guys, Please help me to select Yamaha FAZER or Pulsur 200ns I like both bike. But I heard that bajaj bike has huge maintenance. there is no life time use. and Please send me both bike actual mileage in heavy traffic city with actual prise in Mumbai(western area). Please suggest me............
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    What size Sport bike should I get?

    I'm 6.3ft 280lbs. I want to get a 600cc. But I dont know if it's gonna be all cramped
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    whats a good bike bell?

    For my baby I want a loud one
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    Will my hymen break if i bike ride?

    I'm a 15 year old girl (virgin) who rides my bicycle for 45 minutes everyday from about a year. Sometimes my vagina hurts or the thighs near it, but i don't know if i bled. As far as i know, i don't remember bleeding after riding my bike. I have fallen off my bike around 3-4 times. I'm scared...
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    is a Naza blade 250r a sports bike?

    i am a first time buyer of a motorcycle and the Naza blade 250r was my first choice, any info on this bike is appreciated
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    Ladies, would you rather your boyfriend/husband drive a sports car or a sports bike?

    Just a random poll. Personally, I believe that sports cars represent wealth and sports bikes represent daring and bravery? (Not to say that a biker can't be Rich or a sports car driving guy can't be brave)