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    Birthday Boy John Stamos Is E! News' Hottie of the Year!

    Congratulations, John Stamos!Our favorite TV uncle, who just recently turned 50 years old, was honored with a very special award from the ladies of E! News."Stamos, if...
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    My boyfriend loves to ride his bike birthday ideas?

    My boyfriend rides his bike a lot (road bike) and I have no clue what to get him for his birthday! it's this month.
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    21st birthday in Leeds? What to do?

    We're going for a meal, drinks afterwards and staying overnight in a hotel? What else cold we do? Drag show? Comedy show? Anything? Aha Cheers x
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    Happy Birthday, Johnny Depp! Actor Turns the Big 5-0

    Is 50 the new black? Hollywood's favorite actor Johnny Depp turns the big 5-0 today and in honor of his milestone birthday and good looks, the man who plays Captain Jack Sparrow has...
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    Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Celebrating Anniversary, Twins' Birthday at Disneyland, Co

    Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Celebrating Anniversary, Twins' Birthday at Disneyland, Co Nick Cannon*and Mariah Carey*might not*just be*celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary and Dem Babies' birthday at Disneyland tonight. E! News had been told...
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    little vacation place for my 16th birthday in California?

    I LIVE IN SAN JOSE, CA. i want to go on the trip the first or second weekend in June because i want to STAY FOR 3-4 DAYS. its going to be me, my mom, my little sister, and two of my girl friends and my dog. i need a place that is fun and we will be able to go different places around the area...
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    Should i have and ipod touch,tablet/ipad or a computer game for my birthday?

    My birth day is really close.i need fast answers
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    Please help me!!! Which style is the best for my mother's birthday?

    I found a great discount online store! But I can not decide which one is great style for my mom, you guys help me please. My mother is a slim, while not tall. Thank you in advance! Suggest one from the below...
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    Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey!! What are your favorite songs by The Who?

    Roger Daltrey was born on this date in 1944. What are your favorite songs by The Who? My favorite Daltrey story is from the early days of The Who, when Pete Townshend and the other band members wanted to kick Daltrey out of the band after he got into a fight with Keith Moon. The record...
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    Fitness Party:Better Than Traditional Bachelorette Or Birthday Parties?

    I have attended a great many birthday parties in my day, as well as a few bachelorette and reunion-type parties, all of which have involved lots of hugging, cocktails and snacks. Apparently, that tried-and-true celebration model may be changing soon... More » Fitness Party:Better Than...
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    SXSW: Olivia Wilde Talks Birthday Plans, Being In Love With Jason Sudeikis

    Get ready for Olivia Wilde gone birthday wild. The gorgeous Ms. Wilde turns 29 tomorrow. "It's a big day tomorrow—a big day!" she just told me at the SXSW...
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    19 Pictures of Justin Bieber’s Abs on his 19th Birthday

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    Getting a guy a pet fish for his birthday?

    Okay there's this guy that I really like and he's having his birthday party this Saturday. I want to get him something kind of funky and unique, so would a fish be a good gift? I was thinking of a cute little betta because they're low maintenance, but not boring. I would also be getting him...
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    Blackberry Curve- Turn off birthday alerts?

    I lost my phone last month so I bought a Blackberry Curve from some guy on Craigslist. Every day I get 3/4 messages reminding me its some a**hole's birthday. Im sick of it. How do i turn this off? Thanks
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    Happy Birthday, Rihanna! Singer Celebrates Turning 25 With MAC Cosmetics Deal

    Happy Birthday, Rihanna! The "Stay" singer isn't just celebrating turning 25 today with cake, cake, cake—she's also inked a deal with MAC Cosmetics. Chris...
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    Where can I hold my son's 1st birthday party outdoors in northern NJ?

    I want to have my son's first birthday party April 27, 2013 outdoors. Our backyard is not big enough for the amount of guests we are planning to have. The ideal place would allow us to bbq, set up tables and chairs if tables are unavailable, and possibly set up a bouncy house. We live in the...
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    Gifts you can give to a celebrity for their birthday ?

    Basically me and my friends are huge Rylan fans and we're not some creepy stalkers that want to get him gifts so he'll notice us, we're really big fans and he knows who we are because we've met him a few times before and we gave him gifts then. Anyway, we've come up with the idea of a fan video...
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    AARP gives Michael Jordan the perfect 50th birthday gift (PHOTO)

    HOUSTON — I don't know if you've heard, but Michael Jordan turned 50 years old on Sunday. You probably missed it, because it's not like anyone's made a big deal about his birthday at all or anything, or tweeting about it all day. It's been a pretty low-key affair, so you might very well have...
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    Happy birthday to Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, Thank you for

    benefiting humanity? Everyone say happy birthday to two amazing people who actually benefited humanity in one way or another!
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    30 by 30: Learning How To Balance Bikinis, Burritos and Birthday Cake

    I turned 29 this week. I am now officially on the countdown clock to 30. I typically have a lot of anxiety around birthdays. What am I going to do? What am I going to wear? What if no one remembers and I have to hang out in my apartment alone? But this year, I found that my birthday week was...