1. E

    My bold blackberry 9700 camera is not taking pictures only a black sreen, what

    could be the problem? It is only displaying a black screen
  2. J

    Black Butler Fanfic *Pictures*?

    Okay, so I'm making a Black Butler Fanfic and I've made a new character. The only problem is I need a picture for him and everything I find that might look like it could work (As in it looks like it belongs in Black Butler) turns out to look to much like Alois or Ciel, come to think of it they...
  3. B

    Who is the black guy from the taco bell burrito commercial?

    He's the one drinking the slushy and he twirled the basketball on his finger ?
  4. T

    Sony Ericsson Xperia play screen works fine than goes black and can see under...

    ...a light? It works fine but then the screen goes dull , but I can see my stuff on my screen under a light The screen works fine normally then the screen just goes black. I can the stuff on my screen under a light, jut pretty much it goes dull
  5. D

    Black rectangluar bar in my ares 2? What is it?

    I've had my ares 2 gpu for a while but in the screws and grommet bag underneath the fan there was a black rectangular bar and I have no idea what it is. Can someone help me?
  6. X

    Black or white iphone?

    And why?
  7. J

    What are the guns name revy uses in the anime black lagoon?

    I know the name on the gun sad cutlass and it's a 9mm gun but in real life what gun is it modeled after or is a cutlass a real pistol
  8. G

    Black Sabbath, KISS or AC/DC?

    of these three bands which one do you like the best?
  9. A

    Black Butler Episode 17 Song/Chant?

    At roughly 14 minutes into this episode it sounds like little boys chanting something. I've searched everywhere but I just can't seem to get the title of the song/chant. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks :)
  10. M

    Should I buy Black Ops 2 off the Xbox LIVE marketplace?

    Is it a bad idea? I want to get Black Ops 2 since it's 33% off in the marketplace.
  11. G

    How long will black ops 2 be 33% in the xbox live marketplace?

    Just wondering because i dont wanna buy 2 1600 ms points cards and they put the price back up to $59.99
  12. G

    If i buy black ops 2 from the xbox live marketplace will i still need the disc?

    Ok i have this problem with my disc tray. Everytime i put any game or movie in , it says "open tray" -.- .. So i was just wondering if i purchase black ops 2 from the xbox live marketplace will a disc still be required or what??
  13. J

    My computer screen keeps going black?

    My screen goes black every now and then I turn it off than on and it comes back but after 5 seconds it goes black again. Sometimes it is normal though, if i change the resolution settings on the computer it will start going black and also if I open any full screen programs that aren't set to the...
  14. D

    Where is the easiest plac to find a dsi and a Pokemon black 2 cheap (not including... I neeeeeeed it for my son to finish his Pokemon collection but he still has to get x/y
  15. C

    2007 BMW 335i Coupe in Black or Titanium Silver? Which colour looks nicer on...

    ...this car? I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I want to know what colour you guys think would look better on a 07 335i Coupe. Black or Silver, because I am having a tough time making a decision which I think looks better because I am looking into buying this car in the near future but I...
  16. S

    What is a good nice looking setup for a Black 1998 Jeep cherokee classic (XJ)?

    I have a 1998 Jeep cherokee classic and I am interested in putting a lift kit and bigger tires on, because we all know stock jeeps are silly. I want to know some respected brands and what lift height and tire size fellow jeep owners have. Thanks!
  17. A

    Girls; is black hair the new trend now?

    I've noticed that so many girls are dying their hair black now. Blonde is becoming a rarity. Here is a link of celebrities that are doing it too. Has anyone else noticed, opinions? (...
  18. U

    Black Forest Cream Cheese Ribbon Bundt Cake Recipe?

    I am looking to make a special cake for a birthday. My friend loves cream cheese, cherries, and chocolate. I am looking to make a ribbon cake similar to these recipes below which she loves :) So I am looking to create a ribbon of cream cheese cherry for her when she cuts into the cake recipe...
  19. M

    Where can I find black bell bottom dress pants?

    I'm looking for long dress pants that have like a flare at the bottom, kinda like bell bottoms but not too much of a flare at the bottom . But not to straight or wide legged either. Please let me know where I an find these and cheap too. I have been looking for a pair for a awhile now and every...
  20. J

    Can i place a 2013 Escalade EXT Dash In A 2013 Avalanche Black diamond Truck?

    Is it possible, i know a place that does dash's but id need a whole kit. Please just give me some info on it. Thanks