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    DVD Creator/Burner without bloat of nero?

    Hi, I used to use Nero Burning Rom 6. The latest Nero 10 is a bloat. What alternative (free or commercial) do you recommend? I usually need the following: - Burn data disc - Copy disc - Burn Audio CD - Burn ISO image (maybe BIN/CUE) - Erase rewritable disc - Close session, or continue session.
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    My dog has an upset stomach, and I'm wondering if she has a bloat?

    First off, I am not cruel by asking this on Yahoo instead of going straight to the vets - we live in the country and so its a big drive. My brother thinks it's fine anyway - that my dog just has a sore stomach from eating too much poo or something. Anyway, a day ago I noticed that my dog had a...
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    What foods make you bloat?

    My wife fills with gas so bad once in awhile that her stomach gets huge and it hurts her! Is it veggies????