1. J

    Acura rsx type s 2006 specs vs BMW 328i 2001 specs?

    My cousin says the BMW 328i beats the acura rsx type s 2006 when it comes to specs whats your opinion
  2. V

    Driven: 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    BMW recently invited us to Austin, Texas to drive the new M6 Gran Coupe through the winding roads of the Texas Hill Country and at the Circuit of The Americas. Willing, as we always are, to take one for the team, we accepted.
  3. D

    1987 BMW 318i coupe-15x8 et25 will it fit?

    1987 bmw 318i coupe lowwered on king springs super lows looking at 15x8 et25 all around. planing to put the widest tyres can possible fit in the rear. and will my front mags touch the struts,would i need spacers,if i do then by changin the width of tyre make a diffrence. (posible front...
  4. J

    Are you considered rich if you have a BMW?

    I am not talking about some piece of crap BMW that is a 90's version. I am talking about a brand new 110,000$ 2014 BMW 650i xDrive Gran Coupe
  5. A

    I have a 2000 BMW 328CI, when I Change my gear into reverse from park it makes a

    grinding noise, why? Just spent 3,000 to fix the transmission and got the flywheel replaced. Let me know why this is happening if you can please. Thanks
  6. M

    BMW x5 vs Mercedes-Benz ML350?

    Which would you rather drive?
  7. M

    What's more expensive to insure, Lincoln, Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes ?

    Yes, I'm 22 years old
  8. F

    Mercedes Benz c320 2001 v/s BMW 325i 2005 which is better?

    MB C320 2001: 44,000 miles (ESP error displayed when I tested) / $10,500 / engine works nice / lady driven. BMW 325i 2005: 54,000 miles / $11,400 / engine works nice / less power than MB.
  9. K

    does (bkr6egp) spark plug fit 97 bmw 528i?

    Hi every body my friend has a new set of (bkr6egp) spark plugs and he just dont need them, I dont know if they fit my 97 bmw 528i or not , I googled it some of them say it fits and some of them say it doesn't fit, can anybody tell me please if they fit or not? because I dont want to take out...
  10. E

    Maintenance BMW, Mercedes?

    Can someone give me a little insight on how much some usual services are (oil change, tire rotation, etc.) are on a certified pre owned BMW 535i or a Mercedes E350? I have an Acura right now, and well I'm looking into getting one of those cars from a BMW or Mercedes dealer, certified pre owned...
  11. F

    Is a 2009 BMW 328i a good first car?

    I was looking into cars and I want a 2009 BMW 328i is it a good first car is it a good car for something over 40k miles ? Please real answers
  12. M

    2002 BMW 325i Bluetooth?

    I have a 2002 BMW 325i enabled with Bluetooth. I can talk on the phone with people and make commands via my car. I was wondering if and how I can play my music from my phone using Bluetooth.
  13. P

    Which BMW is bigger for a Family?

    My mother would like to purchase a BMW convertible and i was wondering which convertible would be more practical to fit our family, a BMW 3 Series e46 Convertible (2001-2006) OR BMW 1 Series e88 Convertible (2007-2010) Just wanted to know which one is bigger and will fit two kids/adults in...
  14. R

    Which car to buy the bmw m3 or audi Rs5?

    Just taking a poll. Both about same price. Have not test driven one but I am looking at the convertible and wonder which convertible would overall be best brand new thanks!
  15. S

    porsche cayenne or BMW X5?

    I am looking for a 2008 Porsche Cayenne CPO . Confused ..should i get the 6 cyl or 8 cyl? My wife like the BMW X5 SUV.... I really don't like the BMW reliability ...
  16. B

    how do I find a bluetooth manual for a 2003 bmw x5. Trying to set up my

    Iphone ,need passkey.? When I purchased the x5 there was not a phone manual. I do not know where to locate the passkey.
  17. J

    Should I purchase a Mercedes Benz C class or a BMW 3 series (2003)?

    I'm going to buy my first car and I cannot decide between a C class or 3 series. I know that I want one of the two and will get one from 2003. The things that I am curious about are the costs of maintenance/repairs and insurance cost (are either of them considered sports cars, and if so how much...
  18. J

    2000-2005 bmw 323, 325, and 330?

    Which color of these bmws is the best from best to worst ..... White, Black, Navy blue , Green, or silver
  19. F

    Why is my 2005 BMW X3 misfiring (feels like) when I step on gas so quickly?

    (RPM goes up)? I change all spark plugs, all coils and still when I step on gas more aggressively car shakes, rip like feel. RPM bounce. Usually in higher RPM. Doesn't do anything when it's cold engine but as soon as it get's wormer it start doing it. Please If you can help me, I tried to clean...
  20. W

    Should I buy a 2000 BMW E39 540I?

    Hi,I just got my license and I found an owner selling his 2000 BMW E39 540I V8 300HP for 5500$. The car is in extremely good condition no rust or anything. It has 125 000 miles.I've talked with the owner and he is saying that the car has no problem and runs perfectly(but I will also take it to...