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    How to make a boat motor go faster?

    I have a 28hp 2 stroke mariner on my boat (it's a little old) which i would like to go faster. We have adjusted the trim already and that seems to help. Any other suggestions?
  2. A

    Miami city and boat tour?

    Make your Miami city and boat tour unforgettable by enjoying the most luxurious and memorable destination at Our main attraction includes Little Havana, Coco Walk in Coconut Grove area, Coral Gables, Venetian Pools and Miracle or south Beach that gives full satisfaction...
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    can a uk person go from sinhoukville to ha tien by boat. is so what are...

    ...the visa requirements. thanks? Would be traveling from hat lek by boat to sinhoukville
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    can anyone identify this civil war boat?

    I'm trying to identify the white steam boat in the middle of the pic. This question is kind of a long shot but can anyone tell me the name of this particular boat or maybe link me to a another boat it may be based off of? Thanks :)
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    Whyd the old lady throw her necklace off the boat (opinion)?

    In titanic.. why do you think rose threw her prized necklace into the atlantic
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    where to get boat driving license in hawaii?

    not sure where to start looking or taking a class any help?
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    My husband and I bought a 2005 Regal boat recently and it waterlogged. Who...

    ...should be responsible? The boat surveyor said that the boat is in great shape with no concerns. When we tried to get the boat on the trailor it was too heavy. We now find out that the boat is water logged. Anybody have some thoughts on what we should do? Who should be responsible? We bought...
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    1988 vision bass boat?

    1988 vision bass boat with trailer for sale for 800 bucks. Motor is fine the boat has 2 spots that need cosmetic repair besides that everything else is fine. Is 800 bucks a good deal? Would would it normally sell for?
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    Sims freeplay party boat?

    2 hours ago it let me connect to the party boat. Now i will click on it and it says "your log in has expired". I try reconnecting to Facebook and it still doesn't work. What do I do?
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    boat and seahorses on the Noumea coat of arms?

    on the Noumea (New Caledonia city) coat of arms, what do the seahorses and the boat mean?
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    What is the name of an old kids movie where kids made a boat that

    resembles the lochness monster? I think its an 80s movie where these kids made a boat that looks like the lochness monster
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    Road worthy inspection on boat trailer Qld?

    what to do before inspection.
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    I pushed a heavy boat and lower back pain won't go away, how do I solve this?

    It's been a year, any good healing references?
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    Physics boat project report! PLEASE HELP ME?

    Hi so I need to finish a report on our boat project that we had a day ago. How would I calculate the safety margin for my boats sides including waves and tilt expected and also the height of center of gravity of the person inside- Person inside weight: 160lbs Boat; Length is 3 ft 5 inches boat...
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    Boat motor registration TEXAS?

    What is the fine for not registering a boat motor in Texas. Also I am not the original owner and it has never been registered . How do I get it registered with no title?
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    In which states do I need a boat launching permit?

    Im going with a friend on a cross country trip with our kayaks, and id like to know which states require that I have a boat launch permit for a 10' kayak. Thanks.
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    If i had a kawasaki 750 engine and tried to put it into a boat made for

    a 650 would it work? I have a 94 kawasaki X-2 and it comes stock with the 650 and i want to put the 750 in it. Would i be able to?
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    can anyone give me a list of famous u boat attacks in history?

    just a small to medium size list of the famous u boat attacks from before world war 1 to after world war 2 thank you. I will after proceed to do a research assignment i just need help i nstarting
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    Factors that affect a boat's path?

    For example: A river a boat is travelling on flows at 2m/s in the middle and decreases symmetrically to zero at the banks. In the likeliness that a river's banks are not parallel, what assumptions and effects of these assumptions, can be made when modelling the flow of the river/ position vector?
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    Worker or sevants on a boat- give one word?

    one word substitution