1. D

    Will men bell bottoms come back in style?

    Okay I know a lot of you think it's gay now to wear them. I'm not gay. I just like the way they look. I even heard that bell bottoms started out with men first. I watch That 70's Show and really like some of the stuff they had on lol
  2. Y

    Which bottoms to wear while hiking?

    I'm going to be hiking everyday for the next week and am unsure which type of pants to wear. It's around 30/40 degrees Fahrenheit where I'll be hiking, and it's supposed to be pretty rainy everyday. Basically I'm going to be with a class and we're only hiking about 9 miles per day, then taking a...
  3. A

    Closing Time: Dan Haren bottoms out; another Frank Francisco fire drill

    The Rays couldn't do a thing against Felix Hernandez on Wednesday, as you know, but the schedule bailed them out one day later. A 2012 date against Dan Haren is cause for celebration, a piñata party. Take your best shot. Tampa Bay rolled up seven hits, five runs and two homers against Haren...
  4. N

    POLL:Bell Bottoms or skinny jeans?

    70s inspired clothing is really popular these days maxi skirts bell bottoms flowing blouses and tons of off the shoulder crop tops...but skinny jeans are also cute and stylish
  5. S

    How do you girls feel about bell bottoms being "in" this fall/winter?

    I personaly hate bell bottoms. i dont look good in them. How do you girls feel about this? Im sticking to my boots with my skinny jeans tucked in ^_^ Are you guys following the trend or are you sticking to your skinnys? Share your overall oppinion??? thanks..
  6. E

    Where can i find some retro white bell bottoms in colorado?

    Where can i find some retro white bell bottoms in colorado? Know any good stores in colorado preferably near arvada westminster area or denver that sell vintage men bell bottoms? I don't care if there out I am asking what stores I can get them at, i found a couple but looking for more closer...
  7. C

    Were bell bottoms 60s or 70s?

    Did people wear bell bottoms in the 60s or 70s (or both)?
  8. E

    Trey Songz: Bottoms Up Song?

    I have a question for anyone who likes this song and has heard it. On the 3rd vesrse where nicki minaj sings, and at the last part of her verse she says: Rest in peace to Anna Nicole Smith Yes, my dear, you're so explosive Say hi to Mary Mary and Joseph Now bottoms up and double my dosage...
  9. K

    Should and or Will Bell Bottoms make a comeback?

    I want to see how many people here think Bell Bottoms should make a comeback like in the 70s but just not as outrages as then? (if you know what I mean)?
  10. E

    Shoes to wear with bell bottoms?

    I want to buy some bell bottoms, & I wasn't sure what kind of shoes to wear with them? Or if I could just wear my converses...
  11. M

    Where can you find/how can you make men's bell bottoms?

    Lately I've been looking for a pair of men's bell bottoms jeans and wasn't able to find one pair. So then I started looking for how to make them and came across a great tutorial on youtube, but they flared out so much so far down that they would look horrible on a guy. I was also wondering if...
  12. J

    Why does my girlfriend not like it when I wear bell bottoms.?

    I think they look good on guys, but thats just me. Well i guess the navy thing could be true, they are from the navy. And i dont think they are quite gay, i know alot of gays and most of them wear skinnies. I like skinny jeans theyre really popular in new england among the hipsters but they...
  13. H

    What color bell bottoms did Richard Dawson wear on Match Game and why he did do

    that funny type walk? I heard some things but was not sure they were right.
  14. J

    Where can I buy cheap bell bottoms?

    I'm being Michael Jackson (Jackson 5 MJ) for Halloween and I'm looking for bell bottom pants for under 30 dollars. I don't care if they are men's or women's. I don't care if they are pants or jeans. I just want cheap bell bottoms. I looked everywhere for them. I found flare pants in places...
  15. 3

    what type of shoes look best with tunic shirts and skinny jeans or bell bottoms?

    Post picture of the type of shoes, and no heels plz,oh yeah and you can also post pics of complete outfits on actors or models as examples.Thxs
  16. K

    how did bell bottoms go out of style?

    how did bell bottoms go out of style in the late 70s? I don't understand how we as people change so much over time. Also why do people think they are gay if peoples fathers probably wore them. I know my dad wore them when he was a kid in the 70s and he did not hate them. I just want every ones...
  17. L

    Poll: skinny jeans, straight or flare/bell bottoms?

    Which one do you prefer?
  18. D

    we r having p.j day and i have red bottoms and a tinker bell shirt+snowman pjs...

    ...which ones? tell me fast have till friday next week
  19. J

    where to buy bell bottoms?

    I need to know if there is a place that sells mens bell bottom flare jeans MUST BE NEW NOT VINTAGE
  20. W

    my car suspension bottoms out when is below 25 degree, why is that? what's wrong

    with it? what need to be fix? car has 150,000 miles. suspension seem to fine when is warmer.