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    IOS 6.1.3 is jail breakable tethered for iPhone 3GS,4 and iPod 4 right?

    I know how to do it and saw the YouTube video by "icrackuridevice" just want to know if anyone's idevice is jailbroken and running on iOS 6.1.3
  2. S

    Do you see 17 grand slams won by Roger Federer is breakable or not ?

    i mean Roger Federer as a legend has achieved 17 grand slams in his tennis career , can this number be broken or achieved by Novac or Murray or Nadal or any coming tennis player or can not be according to your point , specially as i think Roger is facing many difficulties to make this number...
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    How strong our the rear windows of suvs supposed to be? Breakable by a...

    ...shoulder/head traveling at 8mph? I was riding my raleigh revenio trying to get my left foot into the stupid pedal strap traveling at approximately 8 mph and ran into the back of a 2007 Nissan Terra. My head/shoulder hit the rear glass which shattered but caused my absolutely NO pain at all. I...
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    how breakable is the blackberry torch 9880?

    i'm getting the phone soon and i want to know how breakable it is. give me an example; if it were dropped at a maximup height of (your answer here) feet, it would be fine, not a scratch on it, the only dammage done is the battery popping out. thank you for your answers!!!
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    Is iOS 4.0.2 jail breakable?

    I have an ipod touch 3G and i want to jailbreak the new firmware 4.0.2 (not 4.0 or 4.0.1!) is this possible?
  6. M

    Is the LG Versa easily breakable?

    And what about when it's attached to the keyboard case thing?