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    Where can I find Brittany Spaniel breeders?

    I've done all the research for this breed, and IT IS PERFECT FOR MY LIFESTYLE! but here in the uk I cant find any breeders, They say there's less than 100 pups a year while in france over 5000, I really would like to find one but I cant, is any of you a breeder, or knows one? If not could you...
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    I'm doing a tribute project for brittany murphy...?

    In my class I'm doing a project where I do a tribute to Brittany Murphy. I am using a shoe box but I have no idea what to put in the show box or anything. I just need some idea! Please help!
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    Glee-Dux: Brittany and Kurt Are Unicorns—Hear Them Roar!

    Remember that storyline from season one about Puck and Quinn having a kid? And how you guys have been begging the writers of Glee to at least acknowledge that those two made a baby? Well...
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    Any famous people who were born in Brittany, France?

    Do you know any interesting facts about Brittany or anybody well known who lived there? Thanks!
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    Can somebody give me a list of cars brittany spears has currently the...

    ...model, color, and everything? Please no rude comments im just a fan
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    The Gossip Girl Spin-off show (focused on Lily Vanderwoodsen) Brittany

    Snow is playing Lilly? how excited or upset are you i personally think that Brittany is a great choice but she is back to being a blonde???
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    Is Brittany Thrillkill famous on the internet or something?

    So I've heard she's the new Scene Queen??? How do you become famous like her on the internet? lol She is realllllyy pretty but what is a scene queen and why is she famous? My friends on myspace say she is just well known for her hair, make-up and is a model or photographer or something?