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    Self Shouldn’t Celebrate Recovering Bulimic Katharine McPhee’s Body (And Neither Shou

    The March issue of Self is out this week, featuring Katharine McPhee on its cover, with teasers about her "secret shape-up." The article celebrates her body, crediting her lean, toned figure to hard work at the gym and on the set of the new NBC musical, 'Smash.' But even if she's putting in...
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    I think my boyfriend is bulimic but he hasn't told me?

    I know I shouldn't have done this but I read his texts to his mum and that's how I found out. I don't know much about bulimia but I know you eat and then throw up your food. He isn't underweight or anything I don't think he's normal size and he eats normally. What should I do I feel scared...
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    Is there somewhere that a bulimic can get help?

    I'm writing a paper for health and I want to know if there are places for bulimics to go to get help. Or are there hot lines that they can call? Thanks for the help!!
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    Right way to vomit if your bulimic?

    Don't tell me to not vomit, I have MY MIND set
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    Should I be anorexic, bulimic, or just eat healthy? Tips please!!!!?

    Does anyone have any advice for me? I don't know what to do... I tried not eat during the day, but eat dinner with my family so they wouldn't notice. But afterward, I would go and throw up. I don't want to go down the wrong path, but I need to get to a healthier weight. Can anyone help?
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    I'm not so sure if I'm bulimic or not..?

    For a while now every time I'm under a lot of stress or just feeling really sad or angry, it feels like I can't hold down my food and I make myself go to the bathroom and throw up. Many people say that that is called bulimia, but after looking up the different symptoms of bulimia I don't think...
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    i am bulimic, can u help me?

    i used to be anorexic for 2 years, but now i am bulimic. I think i want help. I feel so sick all the time. I am 5'9"..121 lbs. I still think i am fat. But lately i have been thinking about telling my best friend. Do u think she would tell my parents? Because if she will im not going to tell her
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    How long will it take for me to lose 20 pounds by being bulimic?

    I love my boyfriend very much, and he said that he won't go to prom with me and will go with my sister unless I lose twenty pounds. Will I lose the weight in time? Please help
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    In Gossip Girl, who is bulimic?

    I'm not sure of whats true or not, I heard Blair is bulimic. Can anyone clarify on that? Thanks. :)
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    I think my sister is bulimic,how often do bulimic addicts purge during a week?

    HELP ME,i'm soo worried!
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    how can i stop being bulimic?

    so I have a HUGE problem and I know its killing me. for about a year ive been bulimic. I used to weigh 230 pounds and got down to 155 from good diet and lots of running. well then I wtarted to weight lift which i had to eat more then I geigned 30 pounds and now im back up to 180 pounds now. I...