buying or selling

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    Buying/selling ipod touch?

    My ipod touch 2nd generation was crushed and now the screen is broken. Im definatly going to get a new one but can i exchange it without a worranty?
  2. U

    Buying/Selling torncity

    Selling a level 28 torncity account with 140k stats and 126mill cash. Also buying torncity money. $1 for 1Mill. Email me [email protected]
  3. E

    Advice needed on buying/selling on the internet?

    "I'm a 21-year-old in a gloomy economy looking to make some good money besides my part-time job. I own a lot of stuff that's used but in very good condition. How likely is it that I would be able to sell some of my stuff? Do you frequently buy gently used items via the internet? If so, how are...