1. S

    sister got warning letter from cablevision about downloading using bittorrent?

    dude it says she might get sued for downloading a movie. hear this she didn't even dL it, the she just has the program but doesn't know how to use it.the computer doesn't even have that file or was downloaded from the internet. c'mon tell me what u think.
  2. Jordan

    I just got a letter from cablevision saying that I may be sued for downloading iron

    man 2 online.what do I do? holy shit I need help, just got the letter today please I need some advice
  3. M

    Fox, Time Warner make up; Cablevision and Scripps at odds

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  4. K

    Why is my Cablevision picture freezing like a PC? And why can't I turn it off or do

    anything with my remote? Sometimes when I play things on the DVR, it just freezes. Also, when watching live television, I tried rewinding then playing it again and this time it started playing then looped back to a part 20 seconds before, then eventually froze.