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    Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in California

    According to me These are some of Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in California: Yosemite National Park Golden Gate Bridge Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Death Valley SeaWorld Channel Islands National Park Enjoy 2 day ski trip in Vermont.
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    Mountain Magic in Julian California - Aug 08,2013

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith – mother-daughter travel team and publishers of, for Big Blend Radio's Vacation Station travel show airing live from Julian, California, as part of their Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 401 National Park units. Located just off the...
  3. N

    Steps on how to get my motorcycle license in California?

    I'm 16, almost 17 in a a couple of months, and I have my normal c class drivers license. I was wondering what I needed to do and how much it would be to get my motorcycle license because I have the money to buy myself one but was wondering about the license stuff. Is the process any different...
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    17 Incredible Photos From the Dawn of California's Electrical Age

    Los Angeles is inextricably bound to the advent of electricity in American cities—it might technically be the city of angels, but it’s really the city of lights. And lucky for us, the transformation of LA from a dark backwater to radiant city of lights was widely documented. Read more...
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    Correlation Between Higher Illness Absences And Lower Ventilation Rates In California

    If you suspect that opening windows to let in fresh air might be good for you, a new study by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has confirmed your hunch. Analyzing extensive data on ventilation rates collected from more than 150 classrooms in California over two...
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    Where can you tan outdoors in Pasadena, California?

    I don't want to go to a tanning salon. Lets just make that clear, why bother when you got all that gorgeous weather. Where the heck can you lay down to do some tanning?! Thanks in advance for those that take the time to reply.
  7. J

    Im looking for surf fishing spots in orange county california could...

    ...anyone could give locations? Surf fishing spots anyone nows where in orange county california.
  8. K

    i am 18 and live in california, do i need to get a permit before i learn to drive?

    im 18 and confused about the laws for getting my license. do i need to get a permit before i go to take my drivers test or can i just learn to drive and go get my license?
  9. V

    Can registered sex offenders serve on a jury in California?

    I'm not sure how the law works... If they're no longer serving time, can convicted sex offenders be called for jury duty?
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    I was wondering if t mobile is good in southern California ?

    I know t mobile is not the best cell phone company, but i wanted to know if this company has the following things, good reception, fast data, good sound quality, customer service and no hidden charges, i want a nice bill. Im planning to get the Iphone 4s and i wanted to know if this is the right...
  11. Y

    Buying a car/truck in California from out of state?

    Just curious what the actual procedure is buying private party say from Craigslist. If I live in Oregon and want to buy a car/truck from Ca registered to Ca do I just drive it back to Oregon and register it there or do I have to set foot in a California DMV to take care of a release or state...
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    Is it illegal in California for a minor to buy a nicotine free E Cig/ Hookah Pen

    online or in store? I'm just curious, California laws please thank you!
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    Is it illegal in California for a minor to buy a nicotine free E Cig/ Hookah Pen

    online or in store? I'm just curious, California laws please thank you!
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    Is it illegal in California for a minor to buy a nicotine free E Cig/ Hookah Pen

    online or in store? I'm just curious, California laws please thank you!
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    little vacation place for my 16th birthday in California?

    I LIVE IN SAN JOSE, CA. i want to go on the trip the first or second weekend in June because i want to STAY FOR 3-4 DAYS. its going to be me, my mom, my little sister, and two of my girl friends and my dog. i need a place that is fun and we will be able to go different places around the area...
  16. R

    Best CDL Trucking Schools In California?

    I'm looking for an accredited trucking school that's LEGIT! The type that will have the connections to other companies for JOBS after I get my Class A CDL. Any suggestions? Is Western Pacific Truck School in Sacramento LEGIT? Thank You!
  17. K

    Summer camps near the California Bay Area that are not very active (not a lot of

    hiking and stuff..)? Me and my friend want to go to a Summer camp together (yes, we know it's a little late to plan out our summer...) but she isn't the most outdoors-y person. Neither of us really wanna go on a lot of hikes or go fishing or stuff like that...we don't mind swimming though ;-)...
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    Where is a good place to park a truck and watch the sunrise in Southern California?

    I want to throw an air mattress in the back of my pickup truck and take my girlfriend to some scenic place to watch the sunrise. I'd really like to do this by a beach such as corona del mar, laguna beach, newport beach, or huntington beach. I'm unsure how the local authorities would react to us...
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    Can my VW rabbit make it from oregon to california?

    I have a 1982 vw rabbit with a 1.7 liter 4 cylinder. It gets goods gas millage. I am making a trip from oregon to california in a couple of days, but someone just told me my car would not be able to make it on the mountains or something. Has anyone made that trip, and know if my car could make...
  20. Lisa

    Where would you rather live: California or Florida?

    I am living in Toronto, ON for the most of my life and hate the weather... Time to move South. What is better in States: CA or FL? I need to consider everything: climate, earthquakes, entertainment.... what do you think and know about these two states? Maybe someone can also suggest any specific...