1. S

    Why is the 12 taco box called at Taco Bell?

    How much is it & if its called 12 taco box that's awkward.
  2. A

    Paul Pierce called Kevin Garnett to sell him on playing for the Brooklyn Nets

    The Brooklyn Nets have made several major moves (and spent lots of money) this offseason to improve their chances at competing for an NBA title, especially with regards to their blockbuster trade with the Boston Celtics to obtain Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry. On Tuesday, the Nets...
  3. V

    what is this job called? I heard there is a career where a person travels to

    a school and inspects it? and they basically decide if its okay or needs work. Any info is appreciated!
  4. J

    What is the car part in this picture called? ALso, is it hard to change that part myself?
  5. J

    I was reading this sci fi book a while ago I need to know what it's called?

    The book starts off with a captain of a starship and they are getting attacked and the crew needs to help the captain destroy an empire before they take over all of space the cover of the book is light purple hard cover, the author in the book talks about being influenced by Isaac Asimov and...
  6. C

    What is this movie called? kids living on the streets?

    I recently saw a movie about a bunch of kids living on the streets, doing drugs and prostituting. the main character is a blonde girl who ran away from home. she makes her way through different cities. and she likes a black kid. but she leaves him. and she ends up going back home. but I think at...
  7. H

    I have a Smartphone called a Motorola Backflip, and its Blur software is

    installed on it. However...? As I said, my cellphone is a Smartphone, and it is a Motorola Backflip that has its Blur software installed on it. It has many different functions such as WiFi, GPS, email, etc. Since last night, I found out 2 problems: first, that the phone's battery - a Motorola...
  8. J

    What is this anime called?

    I'm just wondering what's this anime called. Here's the link below... The GIF picture looks cute so I assumed if there's a anime it maybe cute to watch. Haha. xD Please, if you do know tell me your thoughts! SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE!! Thanks. (:
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    If a baseball lover is called a "cleat chaser", what do you call someone who

    If a baseball lover is called a "cleat chaser", what do you call someone who loves basketball? I'm a Cleat Chaser, but my friend likes basketball players, and we were wondering what someone who loves basketball players was called. I know it's a silly question, but may I please have a serious...
  10. D

    What is a person that buys and sells for profit called?

    What is a person that buys goods and then sells them for more money for a living called?
  11. T

    What is the font called that Monte Casino - Johannesburg, South Africa uses.?

    I need to redesign this logo and I need to know the name of the font, I cant find it anywhere, please help
  12. R

    I have called rogers 5 times today and after waiting 5 minutes each time...

    ...they hung up on me I tried the web 2? times and was not able to get any answers to how I can change my usage time I am fed up trying and may go with another server if I don't get an answer soon [email protected]
  13. Z

    What is the that style of dance called?

    The Dance teams that Dance in the dark creating optical illusions and Color Spectacle two did it, that appeared in 2010 and 2011 in America's Got Talent I really want to know what kind of dance thats called. Heres an Example
  14. D

    What's this workout called?

    There are two women doing their yoga, flying their bottoms in the air. But it's not called a frog pose. What is this really called? Picture is here: @Anmolverine Bottoms Up by Trey Songz <----- LOL. I am not talking about music. I am talking about these two...
  15. A

    I Love Melissa McCarthy’s Response To The Critic Who Called Her A Hippo

    The joint Crushable application to be the third wheel in Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock‘s friendship is still pending, so we’re not entirely sure yet how Melissa feels about us, but with every day that passes we get more sure of how we feel about her. Spoiler alert: it’s an obsession. More...
  16. C

    I need help with a program called DivX....?

    can someone tell me what all these files programs are that i have? i have like 3 DivX labeled programs and no one tells me what they even do or why they are there. DivX Movies<----- this one opens up to some file that has Enhance your video soundtracks and listed as like programs inside...
  17. S

    How to change iPhone network or whatever it's called, To get Australian apps?

    PLEASE HELP. I've recently moved from New Zealand to Australia and am trying to download the ANZ banking app. It only comes up with the New Zealand ANZ app though!! I cant log in cos i need the aussie one. So frustrating. What do I do so i can get the Australian version?
  18. T

    Has anyone used the website called to buy anime...

    ...dvd's and if so is it legit? I just want to know if the website is legit and not just a scam agen the website is called discount anime usa thanks.
  19. O

    Trend analysis is also called:?

    Financial analysis Ratio analysis Index number trend analysis Industry analysis Output analysis
  20. L

    What are those handheld color detectors called?

    There are these handheld devices that you use to learn the digital RGB code of any color in real life, what are those called?