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    Olympic Crushes: Swimmers Cameron van der Burgh and Camille Lacourt

    The Olympics may be about peace, camaraderie, sportsmanship and all that stuff. But the other thing they're good for? Alerting us Americans to the fine, fine athletic specimens that other countries boast. Case in point: South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh and France's Camille Lacourt. We'll...
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    Did Kelsey Grammer Really Shoot a Camille Grammer Look-Alike on 30 Rock?!

    Kelsey Grammer has enjoyed incredibly good fortune lately—but did he just cross a line, with the help of 30 Rock? On last night's episode, which was already drawing plenty of...
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    Which movies used music by Camille Saint-Saens?

    I'm writing a university paper on Camille Saint-Saens, and I was looking for a movie that uses his works in its soundtrack for some inspiration. Please let me know if there is any that you know.
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    RHH: Buy or sell: Camille is sexiest bish up on here?

    BQ: Buy or sell: KRS-1 is GAARRBBAAAGGEE
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    what dress is camille grammer wearing in the introduction to real housewives of

    beverly hills? here is a picture of it for some more help. the dress is @ 34 seconds
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    do you think the dyme troll is camille?

    Cammile hates dyme
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    Will Camille (2007) ever come out on DVD in the US?

    I've tried searching high and low for any information for a DVD release date but I really haven't found anything useful. I've heard a rumor that the DVD came out in January but I haven't been able to find anywhere to buy it. I also heard the DVD came out in Australia but again I haven't been...