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    Special Needs Mom Receives Horrible Note On Car, Reminder Disabilities Aren’t Always

    As somebody with an "invisible" condition, I relate to this immensely. More » Special Needs Mom Receives Horrible Note On Car, Reminder Disabilities Aren’t Always Obvious is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental...
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    Best book or webpage to learn about car audio?

    I know how to install and everything but I want to know more, like hz tune, 12db response tune mid range, thanks
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    Should I buy this car? Link included w/pictures.?

    Hello, I am in the market for a used car. My budget is 3500 and I have been looking for a Honda. I found this--- Nice civic (but they have it listed as a 98 AND a 99, not sure which it is). My issue is that they are an hour away and I...
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    Setup of car audio head unit setting vrs. amp settings?

    I have a setup for my system need some advise with. My head unit is a Pioneer DEH-P6200BT. It has setup menu for subwoofer and output for it. It has hi and low pass filters too. The thing is so does my amps. Is it better to leave the head unit in a neutral setting and use the amp settings or use...
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    Show picture of 2001 Smart car Japanese model?

    Show picture of 2001 Japanese Smart
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    Christians, did you know I found this picture of your car?
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    How to fix car scratches? (Pictures included)?

    Is there something i can buy to fix the scratches on my truck or will i have to take it to a body shop? Whats the best way to go about this? The scratches on the side of the door happened by scrapping on a pole and the one at the back im pretty sure...
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    Christians, did you know I found this picture of your car?
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    What car is that? (picture)?

    Does anybody know the model of that car, the silver one seen from rear with a strip of red lights all over the back? THE LINK:
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    What car is this? With picture!? I know it's a Volvo, but try to be more specific. I think it is a 740, but what type is it? I see there is 740 GL, SE, etc, etc, etc.
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    Can a motorcycle/marine amplifier power car audio speakers?

    I'm building a stereo system to mount onto my bicycle and play music from my phone. I have two OEM car speakers (8 Ohm) and I need an amplifier. Car amplifiers are too big and the head unit I got for free from a friend draws a ton of power and adds a lot of weight. I thought a...
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    What kind of car is this? With Picture link?

    a friend of mine took a picture of this car while he was driving and i was just curious to see if anyone knew what it was,It's the Red Sports car in the pic.One of my friends said it was a Porsche but he didnt know the model...
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    Unknown button in car + picture, help!?

    Hello, since i bought my dodge magnum i dont know what this button is for, its not in the manual nor on the site. i think it has something to do with LPG, but i dont know it for sure. its a metal colored square button with a red light next to it. picture:
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    Son hit by a car on his bike.?

    My 11year old son was hit by a car a week ago and broke his leg in two parts. He was on is bike on the pavement and fell into the road when the car hit him. The police said the will not take any act. Is they anyting a can do or not
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    find the distance travelled by the car?

    the speed, V m/s of a car t second after it starts is shown in the T: 0 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 V: 0 3.16 10.08 18.90 21.60 18.54 10.26 5.4 4.5 5.4 9.0 using simpsons rule find the distance travelled by the car in 2 minutes
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    help on buying a used or leasing/buying a new car?

    I had a 2007 ford taurus for a year now, and I hated it. Thankfully someone backed up to it and it's totaled, leaving me with about $2,500 dollars. I'm a teenager and my part time job gives me about 600 a month. 300 taking out minimum expenses. I'm stuck between buying a new/old car or leasing...
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    How should i go about fixing this car dent all by myself? link to pictures inside?

    i do not have the missing panel, so a link to where i could get that for cheap would be awesome i also have no idea where to start, i heard of dent pullers and bulky machines that could do it, but im looking for a cheap alternative to pull the dent out and replace the panel. after the dent is...
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    Calling non-emergency fire department for a dog that was hit by a car?

    I drove past a fairly big dog that was laying on the side of the road, it shocked me at first. I made a quick decision to pull over and check to see if there was anything I should do. The dog looked like it had just been hit and it looked like it was basically already dead. So I drove home and...
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    Will pictures of a car accident be enough proof to clear false claims in a collision?

    Long story short, I was in a car accident 2 weeks ago. I hit the car in front of me and a truck hit me from behind because 2 other drivers (aside from us 3) pulled over and said they had slammed on their brakes due to traffic. The 2 cars did not hit each other nor were they damaged in the front...
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    Does switching gears from drive to neutral while cruising damage your car in any way?

    My step dad, when driving downhill or whenever the car does not need gas, puts the car into neutral. He says it lowers the RPM and saves gas. That's good, I'm curious if that's bad for the car. Also, I have a Ford Mustang, and to change from drive to neutral, you have to squeeze the button on...