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    Paula Deen's Son Bobby Headed to Food Network as Celeb Chef Denies Asking Employee to

    Paula Deen's son is filling the family's empty Food Network shoes while his mother continues to field the sorts of claims that got her kicked off the channel in the first...
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    Paula Deen Fans Send Butter Wrappers to Retailers That Dropped the Celeb Chef

    Walmart, Kmart and Sears are just a few retailers that will be receiving a number of butter wrappers in the mail. In an effort to butter up (get it?) the companies that dropped Paula Deen...
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    Narciso Rodriguez Ties the Knot--See the Celeb Wedding Guests!

    Narciso Rodriguez is officially off the market. The 53-year-old renowned fashion designer married ad executive Thomas Tolan in New York Saturday Night, with celeb friends like Jessica...
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    Most Stylish Celeb Couples: Brangelina, Jay-Z and Beyoncé and more!

    When stars have met their match, it shows in their style chemistry. After all, it's one thing to look stylish solo, but only the truly fabulous can master chic coordination with a...
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    Celeb Trainer David Kirsch Introduces 30-Minute Workouts

    Trainer-to-the-stars David Kirsch just introduced workouts you’re going to love—they’re half as long as most of the fitness classes you’re used to. More » Celeb Trainer David Kirsch Introduces 30-Minute Workouts is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness &...
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    If you had to be a celebrity, would you rather be a YouTube celeb or Hollywood celeb?

    About the only disadvantages to being a YouTube celeb are: not getting exorbitant amounts of money (if you're into that), and more limited resources.
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    Who is a celeb that is a movie star, music star, and athlete?

    Shaq is the only one that comes to mind
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    Is telling someone they look like a celeb a good compliment?

    A good lookin celeb! N what do u think they might of thought wen i told them this
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    Father's Day First-Timers: Newbie Celeb Dads

    Hollywood's full of delectable doting dads, many of whom—such as perennials David Beckham, Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt—have become practiced hands at the gig. But for some...
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    Celeb Diet Overload: What A Woman Really Wants In A Weight-Loss Commercial

    Even before the new year officially kicked off, we started getting bombarded with ads from all the major weight-loss programs telling us: "Believe in miracles", "Get on it" and "You can make it". First Jennifer Hudson appeared as the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers showing off her new and...
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    The Fittest Female Celeb Of 2011 Was Jessica Biel—How Would We Know?

    End-of-year roundups aren't really the zenith of journalism, but FitSugar's recent gallery of the top 25 fittest female celebs of 2011 was sort of a low point, if you ask me. They put Jessica Biel at the top of the list for the fifth year in a row, on the basis of her "fit-and-fun lifestyle" and...
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    AnnaLynne McCord, You're Not Alone: Five Other Celeb Twitpic Faux Pas

    There's nothing wrong with doing a mini photo shoot of yourself, but be careful. AnnaLynne McCord was the latest celeb to suffer from exposing a little more than she bargained for on...
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    whats name of cooking show where celeb chef picks fave dish for someone to cook?

    There is/was a show that went to different countries and where a celeb chef (who would only be revealed on the day of the challenge) would pick their fave dish at a fave restaurant (in, e.g. morroco, italy) and the main protagonist would have to cook the dish to be judged by that chef. Does...
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    can you plz help with what to say when you meet a celeb?

    well im going to go see mindless behavior at a meet and greet because last time i went i didn't get a picture and when i met them i was fine talking to them but when i saw the one i like i like froze up and started smiling lets just say it was embarrassing . He was talking to me and turned my...
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    Have you ever wanted to be friends with a celebrity and if so, which celeb was it? ?

    Hi, I was just wondering because I've pretty much fallen in love with this female celebrity - I'm always talking about her, I'm always watching her videos on YouTube and listening to some of her songs and watching programmes that she's been in - I just can't get enough of her! Thanks so much...
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    What HOLLYWOOD celeb do i look most like?

    RECENT PICTURE: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1428707525895.2063244.1479057116#!/photo.php?fbid=2064443938908&set=a.1428707525895.2063244.1479057116&type=1&theater WHOLE ALBUM: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1428707525895.2063244.1479057116&l=9508ef9291&type=1 i have to...
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    Is Rihanna the Latest Celeb to Release a Sex Tape?

    Could it be?! It's no surprise that the "S&M" singer is quite the sexual being and obviously embraces it, but could Rihanna be the latest victim of having her intimate...
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    POLL:: Which celeb's eyes really make you just shiver with excitement?

    Cillian Murphy for me...those eyes get me every time *chill goes down spine, melts into a puddle* :D
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    POLL: who is your celeb crush?

    I'm in love with Andy Sixx <3
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    POLL: who is your celeb crush?

    I'm in love with Andy Sixx <3