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    7 Charles Ramsey Look Alikes – Cleveland Hero Celebrated

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    19 Animated GIFs: Florida Gulf Coast University Celebrated

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    Why isn't Walpurgis Night not celebrated as much in the USA as in parts of Europe?

    I mean it's like the most awesome holiday, I wish celebrated it more over here.
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    The Big Lebowski Cast Celebrated the Blu-ray Release With a Livestreamed Reunion [Mov

    Watch live streaming video from thebiglebowski at livestream.com More »
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    Why should Christ's birth NOT be celebrated?

    JWs believe this, possibly others. But it makes no sense to me. If you're a Christian, isn't it just common sense that you'd celebrate the birth of your savior?
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    when was raksha bandhan celebrated in August 1995?

    I want the date for some purpose. Any kinda help will b appreciated. Natal.
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    how is eater celebrated in different religion and country's ?

    how do they differ from the roman catholic Easter?
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    When is truck month traditionally celebrated?

    My wife points out to me that there seem to be truck month commercials all year long. That can't be true, there has to be some kind of rule governing this. I would like to know when truck month begins and ends. Also, does each manufacturer have her own truck month?
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    What are some holidays celebrated only in Latin America?

    And what country is it celebrated in
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    Is Abraham Lincoln rightly celebrated?

    Is Abraham Lincoln rightly celebrated and revered for advancing the cause of democracy and equality in the United States? I've been reading up on the Lincoln Douglas Debates and I am warring with myself over whether or not we should credit Lincoln as much as we do for the abolition of slavery...
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    have you ever celebrated a non Muslim holiday?

    i mean out of kindness to friends or non muslim family members?