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    can you use a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 &' For A Cell Phone Too?

    Just Wondering If You Can Use The Samsung Galaxy 7" Tablet As A Cell Phone Also And If No Why? I Mean The 7 " Tablet Pc I Mean The 7 " Tablet Pc
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    can you use a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 &' For A Cell Phone Too?

    Just Wondering If You Can Use The Samsung Galaxy 7" Tablet As A Cell Phone Also And If No Why? I Mean The 7 " Tablet Pc I Mean The 7 " Tablet Pc
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    Survey:- Whats your favorite cell phone ringtone?

    Plz provide link if possible
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    This fungus cell only looks like the 405 freeway

    No, those are not cars darting along a busy highway. The glowing specks you’re seeing in this video are millions of nuclei flowing through the tube-like filaments, or hyphae, of a single fungus cell. The video was produced as part of a study by UCLA mathematician Marcus Roper’s research group...
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    3D tissue grown using cell phone tech

    Researchers have taken technology from makers of mobile phones and other consumer electronics and used it to grow 3D tissue. Scientists at the Draper Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a prototype using an automated "layer-by-layer" assembly method -...
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    If you delete a message from Facebook on your cell, will it delete on your...

    ...computer too? I deleted it from my iPod Facebook app and checked my computer and it was gone on the computer too. But is it the same for a cell phone? Or any device? If you delete a message on any device will it be deleted on every device?
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    If a person was in the middle of space would their cell phone work? How...

    ...bout bluetooth? Say a person was floating in orbit around the Earth, and say they wanted to make a call or send a text to their buddy to let them know how cool and strange it is that they're orbiting space without dying, would they be able to? Now lets say they tried to make this call via a...
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    high white blood cell why?

    elevated wbc
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    Can I use my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Canadian cell phone company like...

    ...Telus or Sasktel? I am currently a Verizon customer and I am going to be upgrading to an S4 most likely. My issue is that I am going to be starting school in Canada in September. I will be coming back to the US on all breaks and over summer so I need to find a way to be able to use my phone...
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    How can I connect my cell phone with my laptop by bluetooth?

    I want to connect my Nokia 2690(cell phone) with my laptop by bluetooth. I have window 7 on my laptop. Please give me detailed info, how can I connect them?
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    T Mobile Cell Phone Help?

    I need to upgrade my memory card.But how do i transfer all my videos photos and stuff from my phone to a pc then put it back on my new memory card?
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    is it true an egg cell leaves the ovary when it matures?

    true or false only
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    Which cell phone has the best audio quality?

    hello friends. i am a music freak and i use earfone during leasure.At present i have lg p500 which has very good sound quality for music.please suggest me the BEST of the best cell fone within Rs.5000 . remember only music.
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    Hi Friends i am planning to start cell phone business in India. state: Karnataka city : Bangalore / Mysore My question is ? 1.How to start the business. 2.how much investment required. 3.where can i get project plan. 4.how to get dealership for all cell phone. 5.how to...
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    Can I use my Bluetooth capable Cell Phone as a PS3 mic?

    I have an LG 800g that is Bluetooth capable and I want to know if I can use the actual cell phone as a microphone for my PS3.
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    Straight Talk or T-Mobile which is the better prepaid cell phone service?

    Trying to go to a cheaper cell phone service and heard about the deals offered by Walmart for T-Mobile and Straight Talk. Also not sure what kind of phone I should get, again something reasonable in price. Have been with Sprint for years but need something a little more economical with...
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    Cell phone + PC speaker output plays low?

    Hey guys ! I have 5.1 pc speakers Logitech X-540 Using the PC they play super loud, but when i plug them into the phone .. it makes just a regular sound, the bass is there but the music is not loud enough, not even loud. Can you suggest how to fix that and make them play as loud as they do...
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    How to Apply For Jobs Without a Cell Phone or Home Phone?

    Since school ended last month, I wanted to get a summer job to save up for a car. (Going to college after next summer.) The only problem is that I had no cell phone. My parents cannot afford to get me a cell phone and they wont allow me to use their credit or debit card to buy a cricket phone...
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    What was life like without internet and cell phones?

    I'm 15 and have never experienced that life. For as far back as I can remember people have had internet access and cell phones in their pockets. It seems to me that life would be unbearable without those luxuries.
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    Is there cell phone reception on a cruise?

    i'm leaving for a cruise in a few days, and i want to know if i'll get reception or not. does anyone have any past experiences with this? I have metropcs, if that helps.