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    Do We Need Another Anti-Smoking Campaign Centered Around Fear?

    "Record your voice for your loved ones while you still can." "Secondhand smoke causes asthma attacks." "If you smoke with diabetes, plan for amputation, kidney failure, heart surgery ... or all three." " More » Do We Need Another Anti-Smoking Campaign Centered Around Fear? is a post from...
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    How are you making the shift as a Christian from...self-centered to Christ centered?

    I happen not to have 'the board in my eye' on this one, so I can ask this question. I probably have the other imbalance more than this one, but that's being fixed also. Anyway, the shift from only being other aware? How are you making that? How is the Lord Jesus leading...
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    During a microscopy, your lab partner is observing a cell that is centered in

    the field of view. He complains? that as he changes the objective lens from 20x to 40x, some of the features of the cell disappear. What explanation would you give him, and what advice would you give him on how to correct the problem? Part B: The problem described in part ^A^ could have more...
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    Ophthalmologist Nominated For Patient Centered Outcomes Institute Governing Board

    The American Academy of Ophthalmology has nominated Daniel F. Martin, MD, for consideration as a member of the governing board of the newly created Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The institute was created in the expansive health care reform law passed earlier this year. It...
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    Christ Centered Church in Philly?

    I will be moving to philadelphia for grad school; excited about that but I also know there is a purpose and reason for my being there besides school. I also know for sure that I must be in community with other believers, looking for a Christ-centered church to serve in Philly, any specific...
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    Is anyone interested in reading a romance/suspense novel centered around wrestling?

    If so, I will leave my link in this question. I am an aspiring author and I have an actual online book posted at, that' s not near completed yet, but I'm working on updating it regularly. If anyone is interested, my book's called, Ring Around the Murder, and the link to read it...
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    In Internet Explorer my website is not centered but in Firefox it is. Can you... me? Here is my site. in IE the page is on the left but in firefox it is perfect in the center... any ideas on how to get it in the center on both?